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How To Get Rid Of Certification Errors In IE

Secure web browsing is the major concern of the different web browsers today. With the rise of the Internet, physical crimes might have decreased a little, but online theft has become prevalent. Thanks to the ever-changing web browsers, online fraud is eliminated. The web browsers that everyone uses today are getting more and more advanced. Almost every month, web browsers like Internet Explorer update their software so that it will become more secure. One special feature that web browsers incorporate in their program is the web identity security. Internet Explorer, for example, automatically identifies the website certificate of all the sites that you are trying to visit. If Internet Explorer detects some malicious script on the website that you are visiting, a certificate error will pop out.

There is really nothing wrong with certificate errors. In fact, they are very helpful because they can give you a heads up if the site you are visiting is not really trustworthy. However, because advanced web browsers like Internet Explorer have become too sensitive, sometimes, their issuance of certificate errors is already out of place. So if you are tired of these errors popping out every time you access a site that may be requiring some personal information, you can opt to fix your web browser and get rid of these notifications. Here are some things you can do to get rid of certification errors in IE.

Check the error type

There are many reasons behind certificate error notifications. It may be because of unrecognized certificate or absence of certificate, outdated or expired certificate or incorrect link on the certificate. While most people do not know these, it is important to look and identify where the error is coming from. This way, you will know why you do were not able to go through the link successfully.

Look at the certificate

If you are using Internet Explorer you can simply click on the address bar and look for the View Certificates button. This will allow you to view the certificate of a site and its validity.

Install the certificate

Once you have viewed the certificate and you made up your mind that the site is actually safe, you can click on the button indicating Install Certificate. This will install the certificate found on a certain site, whether it has been successfully validated or not. So just click on the Install Certificate and then click next.

Set up the location

Upon clicking Next, you will now be prompted to choose the location where you want the certificated to be stored. In order for it to work, you should just store the certificate on your web browser’s default storage location. Once this is done, just click Next. You will now see the last step and once you click Finish the certificate will be installed.

Revisit the site

After you have installed the certificate, you can now try revisiting the site. Most probably the certification error will not come out anymore. But if it did, then maybe there is something wrong with your installation. Just try to repeat the process again until you get it right.

Ask a friend for help

If you were not able to figure out how to get rid of certification errors on IE, then you can ask a friend who is knowledgeable about computers to help you remove those annoying errors.

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