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How To Get Rid Of Chapped Stick Stains

Chapped stick is one of the must-have beauty items for women. It is a stick made up of balm oil that is used to moisturize the lips. Most women put a dab of chapped stick to keep their lips protected or to treat and prevent chapped or cracked lips from occurring. However, even though it may be a small stick of oil that is often beneficial, sometimes, the use of chapped stick can go wrong as well. Usually, chapped stick only has this little cap to cover it, and when this falls, the chapped stick may be left staining your pocket or your bag. And when this happens, you might have a hard time dealing with chapped stick stains.

Chapped sticks are actually lip balm, and being made out of oil, it is quite hard to remove. Nevertheless, there are things that you can still do to get rid of the chapped stick stain. Here are simple tips on how you can treat and remove stains from chapped stick.

Remove solid residue

If the chapped stick stain has already set in, it will probably solidify. So to make the removal easier, you should first remove as much solid residue as you can. Simply get a blunt-edged knife or a spoon and then use its edge to scrape away the chapped stick stain that has solidified. Be sure to scrape gently to avoid damaging the cloth fibers.

Wash with liquid dishwashing soap

Liquid dishwashing soap is powerful in removing grease stains and it is also a great alternative to your regular detergent if you are dealing with chapped stick stains. Simply soak the stained cloth it hot water. Let it sit there for a couple of minutes until the stain have softened up. Then, use your fingers to spread a tiny drop of liquid dishwashing soap over the stained area. Rub the area until you feel that most of the oil has been removed. Then, wash it again with warm water and liquid dishwashing soap.

Saturate with alcohol

Alcohol can easily remove oil stains so it works just well with chapped stick stains. Simply saturate the stained area with alcohol. Let it sit there until the alcohol dissipates. Pat the area dry with a piece of cloth. Try to touch the area and feel if it is still oily. If it is, simply saturate it again with alcohol. After most of the stain has been removed, wash the cloth with warm water.

Apply vinegar or lemon extract

Vinegar and lemon are highly acidic, and they have the ability to counter react with the oily elements of chapped sticks. When removing chapped stick stains, simply saturate the stained area of the cloth with vinegar or some lemon extract. Note that, you should only use lemon extract for white clothing to avoid discoloration. After a few minutes of being soaked with vinegar or lemon, launder your cloth using warm water.

Use stain remover

There are various stain remover products that you can get in the market. If you do not have one, you should definitely consider keeping a bottle or box of stain remover in stock because they help a lot in removing unwanted stains from your clothing. Some of the most popular brands are OxiClean and Tide Stain Release. Simply follow the directions on the label of the product when you are trying to remove chapped stick stains from clothing.

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