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How to Get Rid of Congestion in Chest

Have you experienced having hard time breathing when you have the flu, a cold or any ailment that causes phlegm and mucus to form in the bronchial tubes? This condition gives you a hard time since it disrupts your work, daily activities or even the simple task of sleeping can be hard to accomplish. This condition is known as congestion in chest.

Congestion in chest is caused by the forming of mucus and phlegm in your bronchial tubes that affects the flow of air in and out of the body. Your chest would feel heavy because of the formation of the mucus and there is nothing that you wouldn’t do just to get rid of it. The most common thing to do is to cough it up and expect the phlegm to go out with it, but most of the time, our throat is so dry that the phlegm would just be stubborn.

There are several ways to get rid of the congestion in chest; some of the steps that you need to follow are listed below. With a clean environment and a healthy and active lifestyle, you will be able to get rid of chest congestion and it will surely give you a good night’s sleep:

Drink lots of water

Drinking plenty of water helps your body to get rid of liquid waste in the body. What’s more is that no matter how sticky the phlegm is, it would be easier to get rid of if you drink water. Water would provide the necessary moisture that your body needs to make sure that the mucus and phlegm forming in your body are disposed of since water would allow them to move about. They provide the necessary lubrication to get rid of the sticky substances forming inside of your body.

Light steam can soften mucus formation

It’s certain that at one point in your life you have seen a person with a towel covering their head over a nice bowl of hot water producing a light steam. Have you noticed how steam forms to water eventually? This is the same theory used by people performing the procedure mentioned. Steam forms as water vapors when they enter the body allowing it to lubricate phlegm and mucus, making it easier to dislodge them from the body.

Drink cough medicines

With the right prescription, buy a cough medicine that has anti phlegm properties. Cough syrups often soothe the throat and it has properties that melt phlegm easily so you can get rid of them immediately. Just be sure that you visit your doctor for the proper prescription of cough medicine.

Drink a cup of hot tea

Tea is made of different types of ground leaves that have plenty of health benefits to the body. There are teas made of leaves that have soothing effects to the throat and chest as they have natural menthol flavor. Like a cough medicine and steam, they can break down mucus which blocks the bronchial tubes, allowing you to breathe easily.

Visit a doctor

If the congestion in chest stays for several days, it may be a good time to visit a doctor. The doctor will be able to provide appropriate prescription medicines for you which can help you in getting rid of chest congestion easily.

Always follow the prescription especially the dose of medicine that you need to have to make sure that the effect is maximized.

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