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How to Get Rid of Cooking Oil Smell

One of the most commonly used cooking ingredients is the cooking oil. Cooking oil can be made from different sources such as olives or canola. Heating up cooking oil changes its composition and if continuous heat is applied to it, it will reach its smoking point. At any rate cooking oil is heated, it releases smoke and it can cling on to our skin and to our clothes.

Cooking oil smell can be annoying, they do not smell bad but they smell very different and it can be very annoying. You may think that you can acquire cooking oil smell from kitchens but the truth is even if you are in a dining area, you can be exposed to this as well. If you walk in a restaurant and you see that the dining area looks cloudy, proceed with caution since the ventilation system might be poor.

Cooking oil smell can be removed and depending on the surface where it went to, the process can be different. Cooking oil can stick on your clothes, skin or even on walls and in the air. When this happens, make sure to follow the following procedures to get rid of cooking oil smell:

Use your exhaust and ventilation

Most kitchens in houses or in restaurants have exhaust systems that could easily absorb cooking oil smell while you are cooking. Although this does not guarantee that the cooking oil smell will be removed, it will lessen the chances of the cooking oil smell to linger.

There are different types of exhaust that can be installed in the kitchen and the amount of smell that can be removed depends on how powerful the exhaust is. If you don’t have an exhaust system in the house, you can open your windows while cooking so the smell would not stay inside the house. 

Separate clothes affected for washing

Washing clothes after being exposed to cooking oil is a great way to get rid of the smell right away. Make sure that you separate the clothes from your regular clothes and soak them in cold water right away. After soaking, you can wash them the usual way with soap and water so the smell would be removed immediately.

Confine the smell in a single area

If you have a separate room for your kitchen, try to confine the area on that space by closing the doors. Avoid the spread of the smell of the cooking by confining the smell and opening the windows so it would be released outside rather than inside your house.

Use baking soda

Baking soda is not only used for baking, it is a very well rounded cleaning agent. You can mix it with vinegar and use this mixture to wipe the walls and floors where traces of cooking oil can be found. Let the mixture stay on the surface for about 10 minutes before wiping it with a damp towel followed by a dry towel.

Store and dispose cooking oil properly

Cooking oil should be stored in containers that re sealed tight before you dispose it. This would prevent the smell of the cooking oil from spreading and it will not spill. After you store it in sealed containers, you should dispose of it properly by sending it to recycling centers which have the facility and capability to transform cooking oil into other by products.

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