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How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots On Neck

Uneven skin tone is very unattractive. That is why most people obsess over dark spots, especially if they appear in a visible area in your skin like the neck. Dark spots on necks may appear because of hyper pigmentation. It can be caused by scars, lesions and skin disease. If you have dark spots in your neck, you probably know what it is like to deal with them. Most likely, you will wear clothing that will conceal your dark spots. You most likely wear turtle necks, jackets, scarf and other accessories. While this fashion sense may be really cool, it will not really work well if your main purpose of wearing them is to hide your dark spots on neck.

Good news for those who are having a hard time with dark spots on neck. There are actually home remedies that you can do to get rid of your uneven neck skin tone. These can be done by just using your usual household items. Furthermore, you can also use more advanced treatments by applying commercial products, or undergoing a professional treatment executed by a professional dermatologist. Here are some detailed tips on how to get rid of dark spots on neck.

Use sunscreen

Dark spots are most likely to be caused by the sun’s darkening rays. If this is the reason for the dark spot, then you can just apply whitening lotion with sunscreen, SPF 30 and above. This will help block the UV rays that may hit your face and neck. The sunsreen works by lightening the dark spots and protecting your skin from further damage at the same time. So every day, make it a habit to apply sunscreen, whether you will go out of your house or not.

Clean your neck

It might be a bit embarrassing to find out that the dark spot in your neck is actually just caused by clumps of bacteria. So to be sure that the dark spot result from lesions and not because of dirt, you can try to just clean your neck. Use a facial wash to clean your neck. Follow this by working cotton dipped in facial cleanser. Rub this against the dark spot. If the dark spot disappears after just a few seconds of rubbing, then it is just a clump of dirt. But if there is no reaction, then it might indeed be a very stubborn dark spot.

Apply lemon or calamansi juice

Lemon and calamansi have contents that can help lighten up your skin tone. Just squeeze some fresh lemon or calamansi juice in a container. Every day, get some extract from the container and rub it on your dark spots. Leave it for a few minutes and then rinse with warm water. If you do this treatment at least once a day, you can get reasonable results within just a few month of the lemon or calamansi juice treatment for dark spots.

Get whitening creams

Many whitening cream products are readily available in the market. While most of the whitening cream works, some of them do not really do anything good to your skin, and even causes more harm. Just go to the local beauty shop, and try to check the available whitening products that you can use for your dark spots. Remember to check the specification of the product and compare them to your skin’s type and needs.

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