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How To Get Rid Of Fiberglass Itch

Have you recently constructed something or have you done something that involves the use of fiberglass? Fiberglass is a common material that is used in constructing many things. It is used in house structures, roof insulation, manufacturing of furniture and fixture and a whole lot more. Although fiberglass is now becoming popular in the market, it does not mean that it only has advantages to offer. Using fiberglass also has it cons. For example, exposure to fiberglass may cause fiberglass itch.

Fiberglass itch is a kind of irritation that can attack a person which have just handled or got in contact with fiberglass. Fiberglass itch is usually characterized by small itchy, red spots on your skin. While it is not deadly, it can sure make you feel uncomfortable, so you should get rid of fiberglass itch as soon as possible. Here are some tips you can follow.

Take a bath

The first thing that you need to do is to take a bath in order to shake off all the particles that may have stuck on your skin. It is best that you take a bath with cold water first because it will help soothe your skin. After you feel better, you can now take a bath with warm water. The warm water will help to open up your skin pores so that the fiberglass particles that cause the itchiness will be easily removed from your skin. Apply mild soap on your skin using a shower scrub or a loofah. This will promote exfoliation so that the fiberglass particles will be released from your body. Rinse yourself clean.

Treat your body with bath salt

If you think that fiberglass particles are still on your skin after taking a bath, you should go back to the shower and treat your body with bath salt. The bath salt will gently penetrate your pores so it will help dislodge any remaining particles on your skin. It will also promote your skin health in general.

Apply deeply moisturizing lotion

When you apply moisturizing lotion on your skin, it will become softer and smoother and this will make fiberglass particles come out of your skin. It will also prevent any dirt and other particles from entering your pores. The deeply moisturizing lotion will also enrich and beautify your skin.

Apply talcum powder on your skin

Talcum powder helps in fighting any irritation that may be cause by fiberglass particles that may come in contact your skin. The talcum powder also has this mechanism that will give you temporary relief from the itch. So whenever the itchiness attacks, just apply a thick layer of talcum powder on your skin. Also, the next time you will be handling something involving fiberglass, you should apply talcum powder on your skin. The talcum powder will seep on your pores so it will hinder the fiberglass particles to cause itch.

Wash your clothes

Make sure that the clothes that you have worn are washed separately from others. This is because there might also be fiberglass particles that have been stuck on your clothing fabric fibers. Simply soak the clothes that you wore when you got the fiberglass itch in warm water and some vinegar. Launder it thoroughly afterwards.

Go to the doctor

If the itching is accompanied by severe inflammation, then you may already be under a severe allergy attack. If this is the case, you should go to the doctor for consultation.

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