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How To Get Rid Of Firefox Add-ons

Mozilla has several downloadable add-on tools that can aid you while browsing with Firefox. These add-on tools have different features and functionality that can improve web browsing with Mozilla Firefox. Add-ons make web browsing easier and more efficient. These add-ons aid with image viewing, high definition videos, ad blockers, threat detectors and a whole lot more. Firefox add-ons have many benefits that are why a lot of users are fond of always updating their Mozilla add-ons because it helps them in many ways.

The thing about these Mozilla Firefox add-ons is that they easily get updated, so the previous versions get quickly outdated. They might be useful for you at certain times but when an updated version comes up or a new, better add-on is created, you might feel like you do not have the use for your add-ons anymore. Or, there might be times when you kept on downloading several add-ons only to find out that you do not like them when you have run the add-ons. These obsolete add-ons will just stay useless and eat up space on your computer, so it might be better to just remove them if you are not using them anyway. Here are some tips on how to get rid of Firefox add-ons.

The Add-ons Manager

You can simply uninstall Firefox add-ons with the use of the Mozilla Add-ons Manager Tools. First, you should just go over the “Tools” in the menu bar and click on the “Add-ons”. You can also just press Ctrl + Shift + A simultaneously on your keyboard. The Add-on manager will come up and you can just click on the “Extensions” found on the left side of the screen. Once you have switched to this tab, you will see a list of Firefox add-ons that you have installed on your web browser. Just highlight the add-ons you want to be removed and click “Disable” for temporary hiding the add-on or “Remove” for completely deleting the add-on.

For Greasemonkey scripts

Greasemonkey can contribute in web browsing but there are times when it gets plain annoying and useless. If you are dealing with Greasemonkey scripts, you can just go to “Tools” and “Manage User Scripts.” When you have clicked on it, you will see a list of GM user scripts. Then, you just highlight and click on the add-on you want to get rid of by pressing the uninstall button beside it.

Uninstall through Control Panel

Some add-ons can be found in your very own computers installed programs instead of being just a part of your web browser. First, just go to Control Panel from Windows then click over “Add or Remove Programs”. A list will pop out and you just have to search for the add-on you want to remove from this list. Then, highlight the name of the item and click uninstall on its right side. You might need to restart you Firefox for it to take effect.

Contact Firefox

Firefox has a great customer service.  If you want help in removing Firefox add-ons you can directly contact Mozilla Firefox. Just go to their site and click on the Support page. You will see help topics there that might help you. You can either browse through open topics or you can also ask a question to the Firefox moderators for personal help.

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