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How To Get Rid Of Mare’s Tail Weeds

Mare’s tail weed is a type of common weed that are usually found in wet places such as ponds and streams. They are called mare’s tail weeds because they have the same appearance with a tail of a mare or horse. The mare’s tail weed can grow and spread quickly that is why they become common household problems. Once mare’s tail starts to invade your lot, they will not stop spreading unless you do something.

Getting rid of mare’s tail weed can be quite challenging. This is mainly because they are not really like the usual garden weeds you see. Mare’s tail weed has a complicated root system that makes it hard for it to be removed. Nevertheless, invasive mare’s tail weed can be eliminated. Here are some tips that you might find helpful when getting rid of mare’s tail weeds.

Dig and pull

For young, sprouting mare’s tail weeds, you can simply dig and pull them out of the soil. On a one fine morning, wear your gloves and go out to your garden with a shovel and plastic bag. Dig the soil around the mare’s tail weed and pull them up when the soil is loose enough. Make sure that you pull up the complete root system because even a tiny root piece can cause a mare’s tail weeds breakout. Place inside the plastic bag those weeds that you have pulled up from the soil.

Cover the weeds

An effective way to kill those mare’s tail weeds is to suffocate them. Simply cut the weeds or mow them to ground level. Afterwards, place the cut pieces inside a secured plastic bag. Then, cover the area where the mare’s tail weeds are growing. You can use an old tarpaulins, plastic and papers. Be sure that the covering layer is thick enough to trap away the sunlight.

Suffocating the mare’s tail weeds can take a long time but it can be effective in stopping the growth of these invasive weeds.

Pour vinegar

Before you result to the use of commercial weed killers, you should try using vinegar first. Vinegar has strong acidic contents that are enough to kill some mare’s tail weeds. You can just mix some cups of water and vinegar together. Pour the solution directly over the mare’s tail weed. Reapplication may be necessary.

If you can find horticulture vinegar, then use this one as it is stronger than the usual white vinegar in your home.

Use a weed killer

If the mare’s tail weeds have grown tall and strong, you should break or cut their stems first. Then, spray the weeds with weed killer. When you are using weed killer, be sure to take necessary precautions. Also, do not expect the weeds to die as soon as you have sprayed them down with weed killers. You might need to do more than one treatment to get rid of those mare’s tail weeds.

When choosing weed killers, buy the one that is selective and has glyphosate contents. This kind of weed killers is more nature-friendly than other commercial herbicides.

Call a weed exterminator

If your lot has been badly taken over by mare’s tail weeds, it might be best if you call a weed exterminator.  Mare’s tail weeds are known to be notorious so if you really cannot get rid of them by yourself, you can ask someone for help.

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