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How to Get Rid of a Farmer’s Tan

There is nothing more summer-looking than a good tan. So you go out there, enjoying the heat of the sun. After a day of fun-filled activities under the sun, you go home and see that perfect skin color—your face, neck, arms… just perfect! Then you take your shirt off and you find yourself in shock because while your face and arms are looking great with that tan, the rest of your body isn’t. So you see tan lines in all the wrong places.

The tan lines can run through your neck, forehead, forearms, wrist and ankles. It is caused when you wear shirts, blouses, trousers while you are under the heat of the sun. So by this time, you know that when you want to get an even tan all over your body it is preferred to wear bikinis for girls and shirtless for boys. However if you do have the farmer’s tan already, you only have two choices, get rid of the tan or have the rest of the body tanned. Here are few tips:

Exfoliate (to get rid of the tan)

There are a lot of products that you can use to exfoliate. Baking soda, Witch Hazel, Hydrogen peroxide and loofah sponge are just some of them. The key is to remove all dead skin so that your skin will go lighter. When using products to exfoliate, make sure that you only choose one product and don’t try to use them together. Read the proper instruction on how to use them and follow it properly. This may take a while so be very patient when it comes to this kind of process.

Sunless tan (to have the rest of your body match the color of your tanned skin)

If you are really decided to have that tan color, the best plan is to just have the rest of your body tanned too. There is a couple of sunless tan that you can do.

  1. Iana Said,

    What I always do, and what slightly improves situation for me during the summer is that I try to wear different style of sleeves and different types of collar. Per instance one day I would wear a tee with short sleeves, the other day I would wear a blouse where most of my back is not covered, the next day I could wear strapless tank top, etc. I realize it might not work for guys as much for the girls, but it gives me pretty good results. Difference in colour is there, only less visible.

What worked for you?

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