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How to Get Rid of Abdominal Gas

The more you eat in some way or form, it’s going to seem as if you’re going to have all sorts of side effects, including abdominal gas.  Now, abdominal gas isn’t necessarily from foods, but you will find that it is from other things as well.

While having gas is a natural thing, most of the time, it’s going to cause no harm, but you may find that it is rather embarrassing.  If you’re finding that you’re experiencing gas a lot, there are some things that you can try to either cause it to go to way, or help ease the pain.

Try over the counter medications

Some over the counter medications such as Beano and Gas-X works great for some people that has gas problems.  This is a great thing to carry around in your purse, or pocket to take when you feel the effects coming on.  What these medications do is break down the unnecessary, indigestible carbohydrates that cause your body to bloat.   Taking this medication is generally done orally, and shouldn’t cost no more than $20.

How to Get Rid of Abdominal Gas

Watch your eating habits

You may find that a particular food may cause some bloating.  If you find yourself getting it during random eating sessions, you may want to diagnose your eating habits.  You will find that some food such as french fries, or burgers may cause excessive bloating.  Experts will also tell you that to slow down your eating, or drink slower.

Cut back on the dairy products

I touched on the eating habits, but you will find that many foods cause gas, but one category in general can cause a lot of damage.  Foods in the dairy category such as milk, yogurts and more can cause excessive abdominal gas.  Watch the intake of these particular foods.

Smoking can cause gas

Many people don’t know about this, but you’re going to find that if you stop smoking, this can cause the bloating to stop.  Many Doctors have found out that they have linked smoking to bloating.  You’re going to find that not only does it cause lung and heart damage, it’s going to cause bloating due to smoke getting into your stomach.

Change your eating habits

Inconvenience is an understatement for a bloated stomach because it keeps you full even if hours have passed since your last intake.

So eat appropriately and don’t rush and thoroughly munch on your food. Besides it being impolite, chatting as you chew will result to letting in more air. Overeating is also a no-no for it opens more probabilities for further absorbing air. During your daily feasts, consider taking in by mini segments rather than three large meals. This will allow your stomach to assimilate the food in a more controllable manner. Consumption in tiny clusters will aid your stomach to slack off on food, particularly with those who consistently change them ever so often. With drinking on the other hand, steer clear of straw usage. Directly guzzling down your drink is not wise too. Just drink in small sips.

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