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How to Get Rid of Above Ground Pool

If you just purchased a home, and it has an above ground pool in the backyard, or maybe you’re just sick of staring at one, you’re probably wondering if there is a way to get rid of your pool.  Well, there is, and I wanted to show you some options that you can potentially explore.

Put an ad up online

If you don’t want any money for it, put an ad up on Craiglist, or your local newspaper.  Make sure that you put in the ad that you want to get rid of it for free, but you must haul away, no exceptions!  I had a neighbor that did this, and it was gone within 2 days.  This is a great, free way to get rid of it.  The best time to do this is right when the Summer months are approaching, since the demand will be rather high.

Take it down yourself

Taking down an above ground pool really isn’t that hard, but you’re going to want to keep one thing in mind.  You will want to drain the pool first, so that there is no water at all in the pool.  You can do this by back washing into a local sewer, or elsewhere if it’s warm enough.  Don’t attempt to drain in one spot, as you will find the area will flood rather fast.

NOTE: Check with your local city to see if you have to pull any permits in order to drain the pool.  It sounds silly, but some do require it!

If you don’t care about keeping or selling the pool, you will want to look for the bolts along the liner.  Simply unscrew these bolts, and take it down one by one.  Keep in mind that some scrap yards will give you money for the ladder (if made of metal) and more.  This is a great way to get a few bucks.

After you take out the bolts, just roll up the liner.  Once the liner is rolled up, you can either sell this as a pack, or proceed to the next step, where you will throw it out.

If you’re going to throw it away, your local dump truck may not take it, so you will have to take it to a local dump.  The local dump yard will generally charge anywhere from $10 to $50 to take it in.

How to consider taking it down

Above-ground pools have long been the ultimate substitute to the super costly and long-term in-ground pools to outdo the summer heat. But when it’s time for it to be taken out you need not worry for removing the above-ground pool is not as time-consuming as the preliminary set-up.

First put everything away in the pool area such as chairs or umbrellas. Detach and put away all electrical devices like heaters and pumps. Drain the pool. Make sure to get all the water out. Remove the pool liner using a utility knife. Slash the liner into tiny bits and dispose of them. Disassemble the pool by unbolting all of the screws. As you do so, you will notice the pool starts to disassemble. Tidy up and make sure the old pool area no longer have rusty screws or metal pieces lying around.

Use a professional service to remove it

While the free ad may work, it doesn’t work all the time, especially if you have an older pool that is tacky looking.  You may want to use services such as ServiceMagic to find companies in your area that will help remove the pool for you.  What you will also find out is that once you do remove the pool, there may be a lot of un-leveled ground that needs to be filled.  It may be a bigger problem that you thought it was!

These steps should generally put you in the right direction, when you want to remove your above ground pool.  While every scenario is different, be sure to know what you’re getting yourself into, before attacking it yourself!

What worked for you?

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