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How To Get Rid Of African Violets

African violets can make a garden look beautiful. Their bold bluish, violet color brings a contrasting but pleasant sight when it is mixed with other flowers like roses. Sure, African violets give a nice touch to a garden but there are still some people who cannot appreciate these flowers. For example, you are maintaining a plain luscious garden of roses in different colors, and then suddenly, a wild violet comes out of nowhere. It definitely will ruin the flowers that you are taking care of, right? If this is the case, the only thing that you can do is to get rid of those African violets to bring back the beauty of your garden.

Getting rid of African violets is actually not too difficult. Of course, this is provided that the African violet growth in your garden has not reach a breakout yet. There are a couple of things that you can do to get rid of African violets. These are actually just the same with other plant removal methods. Simply try and follow these things so you can remove those African violets from your garden for good.

Remove them by hand

If there are only a few sprouting African violets in your lawn, then you can just remove them by your hands. Using your glove-protected hands, grab the African violet plant and pull it up from the soil. If you think it will break, then do not continue to pull, instead, try to slightly dig around the plant using your hands. Then, try to gently but firmly pull up the African violet plant again. Remember, do not shake and pull vigorously because you might end up snapping the plant into two. If you fail to remove the roots, then the African violet will just grow again.

If you know some people who like African violets, then you can just contact them and say that they can get the African violets growing in your garden. This will save you the time and effort of removing them, and at the same time, you have helped a person get what she wants.

Dig them up

Another alternative for removing the African violets by your hand is to use a shovel or spade.  First, dig around the African violet plants and loosen up the soil around it. Then, when you have seen the roots, start to dig around it and then pull the whole African plant, with its root system, up from the sale. Be sure that you have removed the whole root system as well because African violets have rhizomes which may spread even though you just left behind a little bit of it. Once you have uprooted the plants, throw it inside a plastic bag and dispose properly.

Use glyphosate herbicide

There are some herbicides that you can safely use in order to get rid of the African violets. One of your best choices is a glyphosate-based herbicide. Although glyphosate herbicides have chemicals, they are not really too dangerous or harmful as other products are.  Just get a glyphosate-based herbicide from the gardening store and use it on those unwanted African violets. Spray the violets one by one. Then, just let the herbicide do its work. Wait for a few days and check if they are dying. Repeat the method if necessary.

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