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How To Get Rid Of Aggressive Birds

Birds are one of kind animals. They are one of the many wondrous creatures that roam the earth. They are also one of the more free and jovial ones because of their ability to fly. They can feel the wind as much as they wish and spread those wings without a care for the world. However, sometimes, their carefree nature can make people hate them. This is particularly true when you encounter aggressive birds.

Birds are usually tiny and tame. They have their own world, most of the time. However, there are just those birds that turn into mischievous ones. When you encounter them, all you have to do is leave them alone. But once you get their attention, get ready for a long run because they will chase and at you until they are satisfied. Of course, most of the aggressive birds are endangered and protected creatures like the mocking bird. The only thing you can do if you do not want this bird to disturb you is keep your distance. These birds are extremely territorial so it isn’t a good idea to approach and gawk at them. So to save you from trouble, this article will help you deal with these birds without harming them because if you do, not only will you get a fine, but you could also be thrown in jail for hurting an endangered species. Here are some tips on how to get rid of aggressive birds.

Warn them with stones

Sometimes, to be able to scare those aggressive birds away, you have to fight fire with fire. If you are being disturbed by aggressive birds, you can just pick up little stones and intentionally throw the stone just right beside the birds. This action will intimidate them. Be as annoying as these birds are and apply this method to modify their behavior. However, do not hit the birds directly because they are protected by the law and you can be fined if you hit them.

Use water gun

Why don’t you have fun by blasting these birds in a non-lethal way with water gun? Get the biggest one you can find and start blasting at the aggressive birds. Don’t aim directly at the birds. The sound or of water is enough to motivate the bird to go elsewhere and look for a new home.

Lure them away

You can try to lure the birds out via the nesting boxes. Aggressive birds usually find these boxes a good home. Once they spot your box and begin to make their nest, move them about ten feet farther each day so the aggressive birds will follow, leading it farther and away from you. This method might take them before it can work, but rest assured it is painless and effective.

Of course, once you have lured them away, you should place some traps that will scare the aggressive birds away if ever they come across your lot again.

Be nice if nothing else works

If you cannot get rid of the aggressive birds, then maybe, you can just get rid of their aggressiveness. You can try to place nice to these birds. Every day, put out food for the aggressive birds. If they had their fill, chances are they would be more docile and be less territorial which is good news for you.

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