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How To Get Rid of Ammonia Smell

One common problem of every people is “that ammonia smell”. Where does it come from and how do you get rid of? Ammonia is the by-product of the breakdown of amino acids. It is normally excreted through the urine, but there may also be instances when it is passed through other bodily secretions including sweat.

Ammonia smell is also caused by diet and is being produced because of Carbs, a form where the fuel that our body needs when we work out comes from. The smell is also caused by protein. When your body uses protein for fuel, it uses a strange chemical process that makes me violently ill to think about and the result is that you sweat ammonia. Water can also be the reason why there is an ammonia smell.

This ammonia smell originates from different sources around your house. It can be from animal urine, cleaners containing ammonia, and ammonia itself. Spills can happen all over your house that produces random smells. There are some leaky containers also produce ammonia smell that spreads throughout your house. Ammonia is an alkaline in which reason, it can be neutralized with an acid or any kind of odor absorber intended for ammonia smells. Such example of an acid is the vinegar.

Ammonia smells can be annoying but with proper knowledge on how to remove that smell, then we can get rid of it.

Mix vinegar with water

You should first mix the vinegar with water and use the mixture to mop all hard floors and wipe down all non-porous surfaces that might contain the ammonia smell with a clean damp sponge.

Buy odor absorbers

For carpet and upholstered furniture, buy some odor absorbers and treat any carpet or furniture that has ammonia smells. Set the odor absorbers behind couches and other furniture, or up on a high shelf.

Use baking soda

You can also use baking soda. Mix it with cold water to make a paste. Scrub all areas where spills occur. If you have a spare spray bottle, this might be a good application method and you could store the excess there for later use. The baking soda settles quickly so it needs to be sloshed around well before using after storing. It builds up pressure as a result of this so be careful it doesn’t splash into your eye.

Drink plenty of water while working out

Drinking plenty of water while you are working out will dilute any ammonia produced and help to flush it out of your body. One commonly complained about body odor is having an ammonia scent of sweat and bodily secretions.  In order to treat this issue properly, patients will have to figure out what is causing it in the first place.

Eat some carbs

To get rid of that ammonia smell and keep it from coming back, eat some carbs before you work out (an apple, a little bowl of oatmeal, etc.).  Then go ahead and drink a gallon of water and dump a salt mine in your washing machine.

What worked for you?

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