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How to Get Rid of an Itchy Scalp

In doing our daily activities it is awfully disturbing and alarming when you have to pause for a while just to scratch an itchy scalp. Moreover, it is socially embarrassing. First you need to find out exactly the cause since there are various reasons for this bothersome problem. It could be dandruff, which is a form of seborrheic dermatitis. Another would be contact dermatitis due to sensitivity with certain products such shampoos or hair dyes and most commonly head lice.

Time to switch

It is recommended to change your regular shampoo at least two weeks of interval. Using a similar product can cause dryness of your hair and scalp that would lead to flakes. In addition in choosing a shampoo, consider the product with a moisturizing agent that would retain moisture and help alleviate the dryness of the scalp.  Be sure to check various reviews online to see which one has the best remarks.  It’s best to keep trying one until you can see noticeable results.

Discontinue products

Withdraw from products that contribute to the itching of your scalp that may further lead to allergic reaction. It may contain harmful chemical that is sensitive to a certain person’s skin, you will find that you can just make the problem worse.  Be sure to look for active ingredients that you may be allergic to.

Retain the natural oils

Use luke warm water when washing your hair. Brushing your hair gently for two to three times a day will aid in distributing the natural oil of the scalp.

Eliminate head lice and nits

Avoid close contact, using or sharing combs and brushes to people having head lice or even someone that you don’t know as he or she might have it. Getting rid of it is mildly intricate and it should be treated with proper medicated shampoo with permethrin. This will help kill the lice. Regular brushing using a nit comb is also useful to remove lice from the scalp. You would also need to manually remove the nits from the hair strands to avoid lice from returning.

Rehydrate yourself often

Remember that your scalp is part of your skin. To maintain its moisture, you need to rehydrate yourself with liquids.  Drink at least eight ounce of water or any citrus juice everyday is a good re-hydrating agent.  If you’re having  a hard time getting into this routine, it may be best to consider making a schedule to ensure that you stick to it.

Consider taking vitamins supplement

Taking a vitamin E supplements helps to enhance moisture on the skin. Also together with vitamin B, this reduces the production of stress hormones to ensure the release of the proper flow and amount of oil that the hair needs.

Avoid scratching

Scratching the scalp will just aggravate the problem since it will aid in distribution of the flakes. Always keep your nails clean and trimmed just in case it is unavoidable. Dirty fingernails are a good environment for certain microorganisms when introduced to the scalp, would be risky.

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