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How to Get Rid of Argentine Ants

Generally, people should not be mad at ants. They are hard working creatures that just go by their day to day lives in order to survive. The problem starts when the ants feel threatened in any manner and starts biting or doing all sorts of trouble in your house. This is not their intention though since they would do everything to get to that food source and take it to their colony.

One of the most common types of ants that can invade the house is the argentine ants. These ants are characterized by their dark color. Argentine ants are considered to be an invasive species and they accomplish this feat fairly easily since they have strength in numbers. They can set up their colony in ground, cracks in walls or beneath small stones.

If you happen to leave your food out on the table for a few minutes and then come back to it only to find an army of argentine ants swarming on it, you already have an infestation. And since they cause more trouble over time, it’s time that you get rid of Argentine ants. It may require additional methods but the following can definitely help you in throwing them out of your house:

Seal all cracks from outside the house

The best possible way to stop argentine ants from making a residence of your home is by totally preventing them entry. Argentine ants are small and they can sneak into holes in the walls as well as cracks. The space between the walls makes it an ideal breeding ground for them and this will definitely help them multiply exponentially.

Whenever possible, use sealants to cover the walls and cracks from the outside of your house to prevent entry of Argentine ants. Make sure that you check from floor, wall and ceiling as the ants can scale your walls to find possible points of entry.

Spread talcum powder love

Apparently, talcum powder is loathed by Argentine ants or any type of ants for that matter. You can use this substance to fend off ants as well. Of course you don’t want to spread talcum powder all over your house as it can be messy. First thing that you need to do is to find evidence of Argentine ant’s infestation.

Once you trace the ants going to that particular direction and starts vanishing through that surface; that is where you want to put talcum powder on. When ants trace talcum powder at this point of entry, they will avoid this path altogether.

Use ant killing products

There are several ant killing products available in the market which you can use to effectively bait and kill Argentine ants. All you have to do is again, find the point of entry of the Argentine ants and then spread the product around it. These products often have a sweet scent that will attract the ants. Some of them would even take it to their colony and feast on it there, effectively killing everyone that has joined in on the feast.

Insecticide for on the spot killing

This may be a temporary solution but it is a solution nonetheless. If you spot a line of Argentine ants singing Hi Ho, you can grab a hold of an insecticide to kill them on the spot. Of course this doesn’t take you to their colony where they can simply breed again but again, this offers on the spot solution which helps you control in time for the in depth solution that you have planned for the ants.

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