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How To Get Rid Of Bark Beetles

There are many invasive beetles all around the environment. You can find them hanging about most trees and plants. If you have many trees and plants around your lot, then you might notice these little winged creatures marching up on tree branches. These types of beetle that can be found on trees are called bark beetles. They will eat and steal your plants’ nutrients that will lead to the death of your plants in the long run.

It is quite common for bark beetles to pester homeowners and their plants. Although bark beetles can house on a tree all year round, there are actually some seasons when bark beetles attack and create more damage than the usual. If you constantly find bark beetles feeding on your precious trees, you can do some things to eliminate their presence. Here are some tips on how to get rid of bark beetles.

Appropriate plant care

The best thing that you can do in order to stop bark beetle infestation is to plant the appropriate plants and take good care of them. Before decorate your lot with plants and trees, you have to be sure that the kind of plant that you choose to grow can adapt to the type of area setting that you live in. Climate and soil type can greatly affect the health of a plant and if your setting is not compatible with the plant’s needs, it will grow weak and become vulnerable to bark beetles.

Once the plant has been successfully rooted, you should take care of it properly by providing the resources that the plant depends upon.

Manual picking

If the number of bark beetles in your yard can be manually handled, you can just go out on your yard during one fine day and manually pick up those bark beetles.

Vacuum the bark beetles

You can make use of the vacuum to remove the bark beetles. Wake up early in the morning and visit those plants and trees that have bark beetles. Then, set the vacuum to work and let it suck those bark beetles.

Drown in soapy water

Whether you manually picked or vacuumed the bark beetles, you will need to drown them to make sure that they cannot multiply again. Simply get a bucket of water with some parts soap and some parts water. If you are doing manual pick up, simply throw the bark beetles in the bucket as you catch them. If you use vacuum, release the bark beetles in the water bucket.

Homemade insecticidal soap

You can easily kill those bark beetles by using insecticidal soap. The thing is that insecticidal soap may harm other beneficial insects and the plant itself. But if you still opt to use insecticidal soap for your convenience, simply spray down the plant with the insecticidal soap mixture that includes a tablespoon of castor oil soap and a few cups of water. Be sure to pay attention to the leaves and its undersides when spraying.

Use insecticide

A stronger version of the insecticidal soap is the insecticides. This is not really recommended to be used on bark beetles, since the chemicals can harm the trees and plants, but if you want a surefire way to get rid of bark beetles, you can get insecticide from your local shop and follow the instructions on how to apply it.

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