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How To Get Rid Of Bark Scorpions

Scorpions are one of the most interesting animals out there. Although people usually associate these animals with deserts, scorpions actually exist in many kinds of land terrain in semi-arid regions like forest, mountains and grasslands. But the kind of scorpions that live in these areas is not the same as those large, deadly scorpions depicted in many films. One of the most abundant types of scorpion present in many places is the bark scorpion.

The bark scorpion is not really too dangerous but it can infiltrate your house and damage your stuffs. If you see any bark scorpions lingering around your house, you have to make immediate actions to get rid of them. Otherwise, you will have a more difficult time when these scorpions have increased in number. To get rid of bark scorpion properly, here are some tricks you can do.

Clean your lot

When you clean your lot, it will be easier for you to track where those bark scorpions are coming from. Although it might take some of your energy, cleaning your place not only helps in getting rid of bark scorpions, it also aids in improving the sanitation of your home. If you have piles of woods, barks and other materials on your lot, remove them right away as these are potential hideouts for bark scorpions. You might also want to check your soil for holes or loose parts as the bark scorpions might have been staying underground.

Locate cracks and crevices

The main entrance of bark scorpions to your house are cracks, holes and crevices on your walls. You should take a look around on all the corners of your house both from the inside and outside. In case you find holes, seal it right away. Or at least, fill the gap with something strong enough to hinder the entry of bark scorpions.

Take away their resources

If the bark scorpions cannot get their needs from your home, they will go away and find another place to stay at. The basic needs of bark scorpions are food and water, and safe shelter. Bark scorpions feed on other bugs, so if you want bark scorpions to starve and leave you alone, you need to clean up your house and make sure that it is bug-free. You should also sort out your items properly so that these bark scorpions will have nowhere to hide. As to water resources, you should fix any leaks inside your home. Always close the faucet and other water outlets to avoid drips.

Scare them by introducing other animals

Some house animals like cats feed on scorpions. If you do not have a cat yet, you might consider getting one. But, only choose a healthy, strong adult cat because lazy cats will probably just get stung by these bark scorpions. Also, you can get animals like chicken which share the same food interest with bark scorpions. If the chicken takes over the food resources, there will be no food left for the bark scorpions.

Call pest control

Bark scorpions are not as wild as other types of scorpions but the fact still remains that they have the ability to sting and poison people. If you are not sure how to deal with the bark scorpions by yourself, you can always call for the help of pest control officers.

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