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How To Get Rid Of Basement Mold

Mold is a type of fungi that secretes harmful spores. These spores contain bacteria that can trigger many health problems, particularly respiratory illnesses. Mold can be found in the structure of buildings. They are one of the most common problems that house owners battle with. Molds grow in dark, moist places that are why they are widespread in rooms like home basements.

If you have basement mold inside your house, you must remove them as quickly as you can. Once mold form, they will multiply and continue growing. In the long-run, mold will damage your house structure, and they might even cause sickness to your family. So when you get down to your basement, check the wall, tiles, woods, and roofing installation. If you found out that your basement is being these fungi, you can try these methods to get rid of basement mold.

Take necessary precautions

Before you handle that basement mold, you will need to have the proper equipment to avoid any complication. Wear gloves, face mask and goggle before you go down to your basement and eradicate those molds. As mentioned, mold produces spores and once you inhale the bacteria that mold bring, you can suffer from different illnesses and even allergies. You must also take note that some molds are toxic in nature and to avoid getting infected with it, you should protect yourself as much as possible.

Fix leaks

Mold need sufficient amount of water and moisture to grow. One of the major causes of mold is water leakage. Check your pipe and roofing and see if there are no holes that may be responsible for leaking water. If you traced leakage, try to seal it away to prevent multiplication of basement mold.

Clean the basement

Aside from leaky pipe and roofing, you should also check the materials and furnishing that have been stored down in your basement. It might be a good idea to wipe them clean of water and dirt, as these two are the basic resources of basement mold.

Seal cracks and crevices

If there are cracks and crevices at your basement, you should seal them with putty so that mold will have no chance of damaging your house from within.

Wash and scrub

Before you can start removing basement mold, you should as an expert or knowledgeable fellow to investigate if the basement mold in your home is toxic or nontoxic. If you are told that the basement mold are nonporous and nontoxic, then you can wash whatever has been contaminated with mold by soapy water and scrub the surface. After you have scrubbed them away, remember to clean up the remaining mess.

Replace paneling or wall board or insulation

If the basement mold has been really out of your control, you might need to replace the paneling, wall board or insulation. You might think that this can be very costly but just imagine what can happen if these basement mold are left to multiply. They will penetrate surfaces and contaminate your house structure, damaging it and making your building weaker. If you have enough funds, you should opt to replace all the contaminated materials and furnishing. But if you do not have any money yet, you can just try to keep the place clean and brush away the mold regularly.

Get a dehumidifier

One of the best equipments that can keep away basement mold is the dehumidifier. It is a household appliance that absorbs moisture and keeps the humidity at the desired level of less than 60%. Dehumidifiers are readily available in appliance stores. Getting a dehumidifier can cost you some money but once you have installed dehumidifier in your home, you will not have to deal with basement mold and mildew anymore.

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