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How To Get Rid Of Basement Smell

A house basement is probably the most dirty and smelly room in one home. This is because most old and damaged furnishing and appliances are stored in this room. Another thing is that a basement is not really cleaned too much since it is just a storage area that no one really pays attention to. Aside from that, basement is a closed room with poor ventilation. Because the air just circulates inside the room, basement can be expected to have a musty, undesirable smell.

Even though you have an extravagant house, when your basement smell starts to leak, it can instantly turn your home into a foul-smelling building. Although basements serve only as storage area, they should not be ignored for the reason that closed; moist areas like basements are good spots for bacteria and viruses. Aside from the obvious health threats that bacteria and viruses pose, they can also blend with the air and make your basement smell stinky. If you do not want to suffocate whenever you go to your basement, here are some tips about how to get rid of basement smell.

Fix the room

You should inspect the whole room for any clogged drainage, leaking pipes, damaged ceilings and cracked walls. All these can help hinder the proliferation of bacteria that cause health problems and the nasty basement smell.

Clean your basement

The best thing that you should do to remove the basement smell is to clean the whole area. This might be a very tiring chore but you will see that it is worth it once your basement got sorted out. On a sunny and warm day, start a general cleaning for your basement. Remove all the furniture and paraphernalia that has been long stored in the room. Remove the dust and webbings from the ceiling and sweep the floor.

Mop and scrub

After you have removed dust particles, you can now mop and scrub the floor. Fill a bucket with one gallon of water and add about half chlorine bleach. The power of this chemical can help remove the basement smell. Use this bleach solution for washing the walls and mopping up the floor. Let the solution dry up a bit for about 5 minutes then get another bucket of clean, cold water. Use it to rinse the whole room. When you are sure that there is no more bleach solution residue, you can fan the basement while you use a dry mop to absorb the moisture.

Clean your belongings

When the basement is all clean and set up, you should also wipe clean all your belongings before you place them back. Usually, the dirt and germs in the basement are the ones responsible for making it smell musty.

Spray deodorizer

If you want to give your basement that fresh, fragrant smell, you can use a deodorizer. You can either spray the room with deodorizer sprays or you can leave air fresheners that can keep the air fresh and free of unpleasant odor.

Improve ventilation

Improper circulation of air can spark up nasty odors so you should improve the basement’s ventilation. A good way to keep the air circulating is to invest on a dehumidifier or exhaust fans. These appliances will maintain the proper level of humidity inside the basement. They can also prevent growth of molds and mildews.

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