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How To Get Rid Of Bathroom Bugs

The bathroom is a special area in your home where you refresh and clean yourself up. It is also one of the areas that can give you comfort and relaxation. However, while the bathroom is meant to help you become tidy, sometimes it becomes the culprit of different germs and bacteria and unwelcomed household pests. And if you have these unwanted things around, then your bathroom must be starting to get filthy. A classic example of bacteria culprit that you may find in your bathroom is bathroom bugs.

Bathroom bugs, from the name itself, are creepy crawlers that are found in the bathroom. The term is quite general and it is used to refer on almost any kind of bug and other pests that you might see around your bathroom. Usually, these bugs are small flying insects or crawling pests such as millipede and drain fly larvae. Removing these icky creatures from your bathroom may be tough. If it is just an isolated case, then you might be able to easily get rid of it, but if you are dealing with a major infestation, then you will find the removal of these bugs quite of a challenge. To assist you in getting rid of bathroom bugs, here are some tips you can follow.

Pour bleach down the bathroom drain

Bleach is a very potent killer for bathroom bugs. It also eliminates bacteria and germs. If you see the bugs are coming from the shower or tub drain, then there might be bugs living on your canal or drainage. So in order to kill these little pests, you can just pour bleach down the bathroom drains. First, let the water run and then pour a few cups of chlorine bleach directly down the drains. After a couple of minutes, let the water run again to push down any germ or pest that the bleach has killed.

In order to prevent these pests from coming back, make it a habit to pour bleach down the drain regularly.

Pour down vinegar

If there are only a few bathroom bugs, you can use vinegar instead of chlorine bleach. Vinegar is safer to use. Simply pour down a few cups of vinegar down the drain. Wait a few minutes then open the tap to let the water run. This is a similar process with using bleach.

Spray some bug killers

If the bathroom bugs are scattered all over your bathroom, or if they are flying creatures, then you can resort to using bug killers. Just get an insecticide on the grocery shop, close the bathroom window if there is any, and then spray the insecticide directly on the bugs around. Lock the bathroom door and leave it for about half a day or overnight. Be sure not to use the bathroom while the spray is still working as insecticides may be harmful to your health. After a couple of hours have passed, open the windows and exhaust fan and to let the remaining spray out of the bathroom.

When the insecticide has finished its work, simply sweep up the dead bugs and dispose them properly.

Call pest control

If the bathroom bugs keep on coming back, then there might be a bug lair on your drain or somewhere around your house. If you cannot find the solution to it, call pest control for help.   Use services online such as Service Magic to find the best quotes in your local area.

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