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How To Get Rid Of Bathroom Molds

Bathroom molds cause big problems in many households. Aside from being plain disgusting, they carry with them many fungi and bacteria that cause health problems such as mold allergies. They are prevalent almost all-year round. During warm seasons, bathroom molds will multiply because of the excessive humidity. During cold seasons, bathroom molds can still sprout because of the cool, damp air. Once bathroom molds form, they can be very difficult to get rid of.

Once your bathroom shows growing molds, you should start to remove them right away. If you ignore bathroom mold growth, you are sure to face a more serious mold invasion. Even though it requires some effort and time to completely remove bathroom molds, you will be guaranteed safer and cleaner bath time once you have eradicated these annoying molds. To help you get rid of bathroom molds, here is a simple mold removal instruction that you can follow.

Make a bathroom mold solution

In order to make the molds easier to remove, you can make a bathroom mold solution using typical household products. Some of the most powerful items you can use are white vinegar, baking soda, bleach, and ammonia.

Simply fill a basin with clean water and add one cup of pure white vinegar, baking soda or bleach. For ammonia, just add a few tablespoons. Mix the water and the mold remover item of your choice.

Instant mold removing products are also available on local stores. These solutions are specifically designed to fight mold fungi so if you can afford to buy commercial mold remover, then purchase it.

Pour the bathroom mold solution

After you have created or bought the bathroom mold solution of your choice, simply pour it over the moldy areas in your bathroom. Make sure to pour a generous amount of the solution that is enough to cover every mold clump. Wait for a few minutes for the solution to be absorbed by the mold. The chemical contents of the bathroom mold solution will eliminate the mold fungi and spores. It will also make the mold much easier to remove from the bathroom surfaces.

Use a high-pressure hose

The water pressure coming from the hose will remove the bathroom molds that have rooted themselves in bathroom. If you do not have a high pressure hose, you can try borrowing one from your friend or neighbor. Connect the high-pressure hose to the bathroom faucet and let the water run. Aim the water to the bathroom molds. The high pressure will detach the molds from your bathroom. Note that you should avoid using power washers because they can be too strong that your bathroom tiles and furnishing may break.

Scrub off the bathroom mold

Bathroom molds are very stubborn and it is just typical for them to stick on surfaces even after several attempts for the molds to be removed. To make sure there is no mold residue, get a scrub and scrub away the remaining molds.

Rinse with water

After you have detached the molds from the bathroom surfaces, you can now rinse them with water. Simply wash the mold with clean water. Make sure that there is no mold residues left because even little amounts of mold can start a new breakout.

Dry up

Remember that bathroom molds grow because of moisture. To make sure that they will not come back, get rags and to wipe the bathroom surfaces clean and dry.

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