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How To Get Rid Of Belt Buckle Rashes

Are you experiencing itching sensation on your stomach? Does it appear red and full of little bumps? Then you might be having rashes. While it is not common to have rashes on your stomach, there are some things that may trigger this skin condition. One example is the belt buckle. Belt buckle rashes are quite common. This might be caused by low quality materials used in making the belt buckle. Moreover, you might just be plain allergic to the metal in your belt. But whatever the reason is, belt buckle rashes are just annoying.

Belt buckle rash is not really a serious skin condition. It is just like a typical rash caused by some allergic reaction. While you can easily get belt buckle rashes, it might not go away that easily. You can just ignore the rash and let it go away by itself, but the best thing to do is to treat your rash. If you are tired of scratching your itchy, lower belly, here are some things you can do to get rid of belt buckle rashes.

Get rid of the belt

If you are allergic to the belt you are using, then do not wear it anymore. Do not wear buckled belt for the succeeding days. You can try buying a higher quality belt when the rashes have been treated.

Clean the rashes

To prevent getting infections, you should always clean the rashes and keep your skin dirt-free. Regularly wash your skin with mild, unscented soap and clean water. Always keep it dry as well so that the bacteria will not stick to your skin.

Get hydrocortisone cream

This type of cream or ointment is one of the best when it comes to treating belt buckle rashes. After cleaning your skin, you can just apply some cream over the rashes. You can try hydrocortisone creams or ointments in almost any pharmacy. Just ask the pharmacist if you need assistance.

Even after the rashes have subsided, you should continuously apply mild lotion over the area to prevent the rashes from coming back even if you wear buckled belts again.

Take oral antihistamine

Oral antihistamine helps alleviate the belt buckle rashes. Like hydrocortisone cream, you can these medicines from the pharmacy as well. Remember to intake the medicine as prescribed. Improper use of drugs has its consequences, so even if you are just taking antihistamines, observe proper consumption.

Apply ice or cold compress

Icy towels or cold compress can help alleviate the itchiness that you may be feeling because of the rashes. Although the cold temperature does not really get rid of the belt buckle rashes, it can give you temporary relief from the rash symptoms. So whenever itch attack is on, just get ice or cold compress and hold it against the rashes.

Rub on some aloe vera extract

Aloe vera has all-natural contents that help reduce inflammation. After taking a bath, you can just rub on some aloe vera extract over the skin with rashes. Aside from aloe vera, you can also use chamomile oil or witch hazel.

Go to a dermatologist

Belt buckle rashes will usually go away after just a couple of days to a few weeks. If it seems that the rashes are getting worse and you are experiencing other unwanted symptoms, you should go to a dermatologist and have the doctor check your rashes.

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