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How To Get Rid Of Bill Collectors

Are you tired of annoying calls from bill collectors? Do you want to just shut them off and get rid of them? Well, bill collectors are one of the people that are hard to deal with. Most probably because you are annoyed of them in the first place that’s why talking to them seem to be a hard task to accomplish. But actually bill collectors are people that you should not always ignore and snarl at. Remember these are also humans that are in the position to just do their job. Nevertheless, there are simple ways that you can do to get rid of bill collectors for good.

First, before you try to shoo away the bill collector, you first have to know whether the problem is with you or with the bill collectors. Of course, if you really are in debt and you are getting annoyed of the bill collector because he is trying to collect some payment for you, well, you have to think twice before you hang up on the phone. But if you are not in debt and the bill collector is showering you with frequent calls, then you can just talk and explain your side. For more things you can do, here are some tips you can do to get rid of bill collectors.

Pay your bills

If you are aware that the call from the bill collector is really for you, then the best way that you can do in order to end all the fuss with the bill collector is to pay your bills. If you do not have any debt left, then he will most probably not pester you anymore. You just have to let go of some cash and settle the liabilities that arose from your engagement.

Explain your side

If you just hung up the phone whenever you receive a call from the bill collector, then you he will just keep on calling again until you talk to him properly. So if you are sure that the debt is not yours, when the bill collector calls, try to explain your side of the story to him. A onetime conversation can end a hundred more calls from the bill collector. So when the bill collector calls again, tell him that the debt is not yours and that he is calling the wrong person.

However, if the bill being collected is quite pricey, you might be required to submit evidence that you are not indeed the debtor. IN this case, you might need to personally talk with the bill collector of the company.

Set up a personal meeting

If the bill collector asks you to proceed to their office and submit requirements that you are not really the person required making payment, you should set up a personal meeting with the authorized personnel from the company. Remember, if you do not settle this, they will just keep on calling.

Gather evidence

Once the appointment has been set, gather your evidence to prove that you do not owe any bill. Usually, you would need things to prove your identity like valid ID, license cards, etc. Simply bring these documents and present it during your meeting. Make it also the time to personally ask the bill collector to remove your number from their list as the bill is not yours anyway.

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