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How to Get Rid of Broccoli Worms

Nothing beats fresh. This is a statement that ever one should be aware of. Fresh is healthier, and it lasts longer. This is the reason why there are still people that grow organic food. Vegetables for example can be grown without insecticides. These are organic vegetables that are free from chemicals. Although they have a lot of benefits, there are some mild drawbacks when dealing growing it. Especially if the vegetable that you are growing is layered since there are worms that can get in between the layers.

Broccoli for example is prone in getting broccoli worms. These are the normal worms that you find on the soil. They creep in between the layers of the broccoli and hides there feeding on the vegetable. Since there are no chemicals or insecticides to kill them, they can stay there until discovered which is not very attractive.

Broccoli worms are not at all dangerous but they still should be removed from the vegetables since you don’t want to consume them. And imagine the surprise it will bring you opening up a flower of broccoli and finding a worm safely nestled in between the leaves. To get rid of broccoli worms, here are some of the things that you can do:

Soak the broccoli in salt water

Have you ever tried this experiment when you were a kid? You see a worm crawling and you remember what your mom used to tell you about worms and salt not mixing well. You put salt on the worm and they start wriggling like crazy. The same concept usually happens when you soak broccoli in salt water.

The worm will get annoyed by the fact that the salt water creeps on surface of their body and will try to escape it, leaving their comfort zone and eventually the broccoli. This is a great way to get rid of the worms without touching them since they are generally not great to touch it.

Use organic grower approved insecticide

As much as we don’t want it to be on our food, insecticide has been widely used to preserve crops from destruction from different types of insects and pests. But organic growers simply do not use them thus letting different kinds of creature infest their crop. But luckily, there are insecticides that are acceptable to organic food growers. These are used specifically for controlling caterpillars and worms. These insecticides are harmless to people, fish and other insects and should be sprayed at correct times to become effective. These insecticides are also known to be safe with different types of plants and will definitely keep your vegetables free from different pests.

A mixture of soap and water can be used as well

There are cases wherein you don’t have anything around your house to kill these worms. Fortunately, there is a home solution that you can try when dealing with broccoli worms. Just a simple mixture of liquid soap and water placed inside a spray bottle will do the trick. You should spray the solution underneath the leaves where the larvae stay. What you need to remember when using the method is not to apply too much since solution can burn the leaves of the plants which can kill them together with the worms that you are trying to kill.

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