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How to Get Rid of Cabinet Beetles

Khapra beetles are also referred as cabinet beetles in some places. They are described as small and round. They are normally found in cabinets, pantries, warehouses and places where there are foods being stored. They just don’t infest cabinets but also any structures where foods are to be found.

Cabinet beetles may appear round with a dark color on their back. There are also cabinet beetles having a yellow and brown color and also different shades found on their wings. Most of the cabinet beetles prefer barley, rice or wheat.

Cabinet beetles can cause damage to our things and to our valuables. The following are the preventive measures to get rid of cabinet beetles:

Know how to identify them

It is firstly important to identify if the cause of the damage are cabinet beetles in order to apply the proper management of getting rid of them. The success rate of killing them is high if we are able to identify the causative agent.

Properly examine all susceptible foods

It is also necessary to identify the presence of infestation such as living beetles, dead beetles and webs. The food should be thrown away especially those that are heavily infested or those having the signs of infestations.

The infested food should be chilled or heated

It is advisable to either heat the for about 130°F for 30 minutes, or place it in a freezer for at least 4 days in case the food being infested is something you want to keep.

Cleaning up the affected area

Washing the cabinets and shelves with warm water and a soap would help to get rid of all the cabinet beetles. It is important to take into consideration the edges and corners of the cabinet because it can be a breeding ground of cabinet beetles.

Spray the cabinet beetles with insecticide

When the cabinet is sprayed with insecticide, there would be a lesser chance of multiplying the number of cabinet beetles present on the area.  There are many brands, as well as types that you can purchase both online, as well as your local department store.

Cabinet beetles are also known as Khapra beetles in some regions. They are established to be tiny in size and sphere-shaped. More often than not, they can be spotted in cabinets obviously or in pantries and warehouses. They plague pretty much any area or structure where the foodstuffs are to be found or kept.

When the cabinet or all the infested areas are sprayed with insecticide, it will not only wipe out most of the bugs but there would also be a lesser probability that the sum of cabinet beetles dwelling on such spots will proliferate.  There are a hefty number of brands available today and they can easily be bought both online as well as in your local supermarkets, department stores or even nearby insecticide suppliers.

Secure the containers

When all of the cabinets are pest-free, the food should be stored in tight seal containers so that the new pest will not infest the area once again. It is also important to check the area from time to time.

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