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How to Get Rid of Cache on Firefox

Browser cache is also referred as temporary internet files folder that contains files from the internet and the sites you’ve visited. Firefox is a kind of browser developed by Mozilla Foundation together with hundreds of volunteers.

The more number of hours you spend online, the greater amount of cache a user will get. Every time you visit a particular website, Firefox will capture data from that certain page and automatically stores them so it will be a lot faster by the time you visit the site again. However, instead of permitting your browser to consume a great amount of memory, you can always clear your cache from time to time in Firefox. To get rid of Cache on Firefox here are the ways to do it:

Clean the contents of folder

Cleaning the contents of the folder is the best way to get rid of the cache on Firefox. The user can locate this by going to your documents and settings then type the username then to Local Settings directory. By replacing your username with the windows login name then you can find the temporary files folder and look at the contents you’ve found. Most of the items you can find are images, videos, and style sheets. The files that you won’t need can be sent to the recycle bin. The internet user can execute the other method of  getting rid of the temporary internet files, just go to Mozilla firefox then go to tools option then internet then options after this go to control panel then internet options.

Cleaning internet files using Firefox

The user will just simply go to tools, then options. After doing it go to Privacy tab and click on the icon Clear Now that can be found in private data section and then click Ok.,

Using Internet History Eraser option

These kinds of method will not only clear the temporary internet files folder but also the cookies, browser history, other temporary files, registry streams, clipboard data and auto complete data forms. The Internet History Eraser will secure online privacy and it will protect your files and other sensitive information.


Launch the Mozilla Firefox internet browser on your computer. Hit all the three buttons CTRL, SHIFT and DELETE on your keyboard at the same time. This is in fact the keyboard shortcut command for the Clear Recent History popup window to appear on your monitor screen. This how you can wipe out the history of the pages you have visited including cache. Among numerous details, make sure the checkbox for cache is marked check. Other than that, you also have the option to choose whether you only want cached data for the last hour or two, four hours, the whole day or everything since you most recent cache clear up you performed. After which you can click, using your mouse, on the CLEAR NOW button on the screen and the cache is deleted.

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