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How to Get Rid of Cactus Needles

There are around 2000 varieties of cactus plants. They come in different colors, forms and shapes. Cactus plants are considered unusual and they are adopted to grow in tropical climates. They are however most common in hot desert areas. The anatomy and physiology of the cactus helps it conserve water and it can survive in a harsh environment. When we think of cactus, what come to our mind are the needles that come along with it, right?

They have a wonderful defense system—the needles of coruse. Any person handling the cactus plants should take proper caution because there is always a risk when the cactus needles are embedded in a person’s skin upon handling. If you are interested to take care of cactus plants then you should learn how to get rid of cactus needles. The following are the guides on how to get rid of cactus needles:

Remove large cactus needles using clean tweezers

Grasp the cactus spine to the point of entry. The cactus needle should be pulled gently and make sure that the needles are intact. In a particular case where there are needles under the skin then another option should be made. Before performing the removal of needles, wash the affected area with antiseptic solution like hydrogen peroxide.

By and large, what we immediately think when we talk about cactus, are the needles all around it. Anyone who handles cactus plants must be extra careful and take proper caution for there is no doubt expected chance that the cactus spikes gets entrenched onto the skin. One should be aware of effective ways to remove them in case such circumstances occur.

Using the tweezers, clasp the cactus prickles in each spot they got embedded. The cactus thorns must be heaved tenderly and make certain that the quills are in one piece. On instances where there are needles beneath the skin then an additional step should be done. Prior to administering the pulling out of needles, clean the point of entry with antiseptic solution like hydrogen peroxide. Whatever manner you do it, just make sure that the tweezers your will use are sterile.

Apply enough amount of hair remover

Apply enough amount of hair remover wax and let it dry for about 5 minutes. Use a hair dryer if you want to speed it up. After drying up the hair remover then peel it off with the spicules. You can also try to use a white glue or adhesive tape but it is less effective compared to the other method.

Run the needles with warm water

Try to run them with warm water because warm water will open the pores and there is a tendency that it they would free themselves. But this method is not applicable to the smallest needles because it is said to be applicable to the ones that you can only see. The needles should be removed for it can cause infection or inflammation if the person fails to remove it.

Another method using warm water is by adding something such as Epson salt.  Fill up a bowl with hot water and allow your body part to soak for up to 10 minutes.  It’s important that you get this needle out as quick as possible because infections can form rather quickly.

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