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How to Get Rid of Calluses On My Feet

Calluses are the signs of the working hands and feet, generally developed overtime due to the excessive frictions taking place in some parts of our human body. For some, calluses are an unsightly feature while some are proud of these. Wear it with pride or lose them in shame.

Calluses can be painful at times, especially when the skins peel off. That is the reason why a lot of people want to get rid of it. So, here are some tips that should help you.

Protect your body

Protect your body from experiencing so much friction by wearing protective pads or socks. It lessens the friction and the pressure that your skin may experience. It helps prevent calluses and eases the pain.

Scrub the area down

Cool the calluses down by soaking your feet on water. It softens the calluses and helps make it become easily removable. Scrub it while the skin is wet to help rub off old and dead skins.


Scrub gently those calluses during bath or shower. It may be painful at times but it sure helps when you scrub them. It helps remove some of the hardened skin naturally. Results can be optimized when you use exfoliating soaps too. They remove the old skin and nourish your new ones. They will make your calluses feel better.

Try castile soap

A soap that some doctors recommend is, “castile soap.”  This soap is designed from vegetables and is ideal for people with calluses.  Mix a little bit of this soap in warm water and allow your feet to sit for 20 to 30 minutes.  Afterwards, gently wipe away the dead skin with a washcloth.

Moisturize on a daily basis

Calluses may worsen or get irritated when your skin is dry. Rubbing dry skins together may add up more friction and could cause a development of pain. It is exemplary if you can apply moisturizer over the area to minimize the friction, thus minimizing tendencies of irritating the calluses.

Soak your feet

Make it a habit to soak your feet on a daily basis.  There are many foot baths that can be purchased anywhere from, $30 to $100.    Mix warm water with a cup of vinegar.  Let your feet sit in the water for 30 minutes.  After the 30 minutes are up, use something such as a pumice stone to scrape away the dead skin at the bottom of your feet.  Don’t scrub too aggressively, as you can do more damage than good!

Soak with Epson salt

With calluses, one of the best way is to allow your feet to soak in water with ingredients such as the ones mentioned above.  Another great item that works well with calluses is Epson salt.  Put warm water into a foot bath, and fill it with Epson salt.  Allow your feet to sit in the water for 15 to 30 minutes.

Scrape the area

You may scrape the calluses with not so sharp but even objects. First is to soak the area in warm water for a few minutes until the calluses become soft and turn white. Start scraping the calluses with the dull part of the knife, or a scissor while the skin is soft. Do not use sharp objects as it may cause damage to your skin. Tendency is that bigger calluses may develop as an attempt to protect your body.

Wear shoes that actually fit

If you’re finding that your shoes are generally uncomfortable, or you just don’t like the feel, it may be ideal to get footwear that adjusts great to the shape of your foot.  Many shoe companies are able to customize a shoe that fits your specific needs.  Shoes that generally don’t fit put pressure on the foot, as well as develop problems over time.

Try using a pumice Stone

It’s our skin’s nature to shield itself from recurring strain and abrasions through the developing calluses. Calluses can be bothersome. However, getting rid of them is quite simple.

Run to the nearest local store and purchase a pumice stone. The pumice stone should be displayed on the health and beauty aisle of the department store. Chafe away every emergent callus subsequent to a bath or shower, once the water has already softened your callus. Brush the pumice stone against your calluses and you will notice thereafter that they will begin to rub off. Keep in mind to do the scrubbing moderately in order not to damage your skin. Wash the pumice stone to impel all of the dead skin fragments to emerge from its pores.

Wrap your feet at night

During the night, place moisturizer on saran wrap.  Wrap your feet tightly, and let them sit on your feet at night.  By doing so, you’re going to try all the moisturizer / lotion, allowing your feet to get the moisture it needs.

What worked for you?

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