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How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

In the vast mother earth, carpenter ants are considered to be human friends. They help in decomposing woods to offer a healthy growth of new plants and trees. But in the house, office, store, and any building made up of wood, they are considered the worst enemy. They do their dirty work usually in the ceilings, walls, and garage. And their damage can’t be discovered unless they have destroyed already a large part in your homes, unless the ceilings and walls are already cracked, unless some renovations are done. A weakened ceiling means the damage done is already worse.

Ways in getting rid of the carpenter ants can never be easy without the proper knowledge on their identity—their physical appearance, place of appearances, and place of their nests. Here are some reminders for you to get rid of those pests and keep them away forever.

Physical Appearance

Carpenter ants have several species. Mostly found in homes are the called the workers. Workers are usually black in color with size of about a quarter of an inch. However, their sizes are not that reliable in terms of the damage they can cause. When you find a trail of carpenter ants, they are probably on their way to or from their nest.

Spot sawdust trails

The unique thing about carpenter ants is that they leave a “sawdust” looking trail.  Once you find this trail, you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly where the next is located.  Note that there will always be more than one nest in your home, or the area around your home.  The unique thing about these ants is that they make a “crunching” noise.  If you listen closely near the nest, you’ll be able to hear this sound.

Finding the nest of the problem

Knowing the nest of the ants is the most effective way of getting rid of them. Killing just a bunch of them, won’t solve the problem. You see, just a small fraction of the hundreds of ants go out their nest to look for food. Their nests are commonly located in moist areas like moldy woods. Also, they nest on places where there is a poor ventilation of air like any part of your house, name it.  Destroying the nest and maintaining the place uncomfortable for ants is as good as a problem solved.

Food for Ants

Knowing what these ants eat is very important. They Do Not eat wood. They eat only on sweet foods like candies, honey or any other sources of sugar. They destroy the woods when they make their trail or passageway to the destination of their food.

Pesticides for the Pests

There are many pesticides for the carpenter ants available in the market. The problem about pesticides is not the effect on the ants when sprayed, but the effect on humans especially children when it is not used properly. It can cause health hazards and complications resulting to malfunctions. However, pesticides are not the only cure for the problem.

A popular pesticide that is used when killing carpenter ants is boric acid.  This is a chemical that looks like a crystal.  You’ll mix this with some warm water and place it near the nest.  Once they feed on it, it will kill them off one by one.  Most of the ants will bring the food back to their nest to kill off the nest as well.

Non-repellent Pesticides

Carpenter ants are known to be naturally violent wood demolishers. Much like termites, carpenter ants destroy lumber. But unlike termites, carpenter ants do not feed on wood for survival. Carpenter ants merely drill into timber to create and/or expand their nest.

Carpenter ant control starts with a hunt for the gathering or their habitat.  As soon as the carpenter ant colonies have been spotted, they must to be dealt promptly with insecticides; but not repellent pesticides. Non-repellent pesticides the right option for exterminating carpenter ants. Because the existence of non-repellent ones is imperceptible to ants therefore they can’t steer clear of it. If you employ baits, they will be lured to it, and expectantly devour on it. On instances of dusts or sprays utilized, they will not sense it’s there and not be repelled.

Prevent the Pest Attack

Keep your house well ventilated. Make sure the firewood is placed in dry places and away from the house. Remove the vines or any plants that branches in any part of your house. This will make your wall moist enough to attract them. And keep an eye on their traces, be vigilant. Carpenter ants can trail almost anywhere like wires in the post to your home.

Keep your lawn looking great

Carpenter ants love things such as tree stumps and any type of wood.  If you have any of these items laying around your lawn, it may be best to either burn it, or get rid of them.  If you get rid of the resources that they live of off, they will have to find an alternative resource.  Be sure to keep the bushes and trees trimmed away from your home, so that they can’t get in.

Call in the pest control experts

Carpenter ants can really be a pain in the butt to deal with.  If you’re finding that the solutions above just aren’t working out, you may want to call in a pest control specialist.  These specialists will not only be able to get rid of the ants, but they will also be able to prevent them from coming back.  Services such as Service Magic is a great tool to find the lowest quote in your area.

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