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How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles usually feed on fabric materials like clothes and carpets. This is the reason how they get their name. These beetles are actually not united, distributed separately at home. Each one of them is insatiable and causes extensive damage to furniture, books, and other materials made of leather.

Displacing the eggs

A variety of carpet beetles have different colors. They have their irregular color patterns that almost make them unique from each other. All of them undergoes from egg, to larva, to pupa, to adult. Their eggs are about 60 in number and laid in a place ready for their extensive infestation. Their eggs are laid on other animal’s nests or insects webs. Getting rid of their eggs is a good way of preventing the great damage it can cause.

Learn about the beetles food source

Disbanding the food for the beetles is the best technique to drive them away from your home. Cleaning and sanitizing the area especially on floors will perfectly do the job. If you have already observed some damage done, clean them right away using a vacuum cleaner. The damaged material may contains some more larvae or eggs, so clean them thoroughly.

Know about the breeding areas

Any favorable areas for carpet beetles should be cleaned every day or every other day to ensure that their food source will never be within their reach. This includes cabinets that may contain pet foods, rugs, and draperies, in the closet, in drawers, and storage rooms.

If ever you find one carpenter beetle, directly search for the nearby source of breeding area. If you find nothing, it means they are already everywhere so clean the whole area as fast as you can to avoid further damage.  Places that carpet beetles tend to hide are under furniture, in the closet and other darker areas.  It’s ideal to have a flashlight to spot these areas.

Saving the infested materials

Some infested materials may be valuable to us that we can’t afford to throw them away directly. You can wash them up. Wash them with soap immediately.  Be sure to wash it perfectly clean.

Consider purchasing chemicals

Chemicals, pesticides or acids for carpet beetles are available in the market. This is an easy and hassle free way of getting rid of them. You can purchase boric acid which is not harmful to skin, just be careful not to drink it though. Also, for your clothes and carpets, avoid bleaching them.    With the boric acid, put a spoonful in a cup and place it in a secure corner so that it’s out of the way from pets and children.

Vacuum them up

While it sounds simple, you’ll want to make sure that you get rid of these beetles as fast as possible.  Grab a vacuum and suck them right up so that they don’t come back.  If you spot any larva, you’ll want to vacuum this up as well.

The name carpet beetle is quite a wide-ranging term when talking about pests that fuel up on textiles and fabrics like silk, fur, wool, bristles, feathers and hair inside your home.

Regular household vacuuming aids in doing away with objects like rubbish, pet hair, and fluff that can sustain carpet beetle inhabitants. Vacuuming is not only significant to carpet beetle deterrence but to eradication as well. It is an efficient means to exterminate the difficult-to-kill life phase of carpet beetles. Make vacuuming an every several days kind of routine as you put together your purging plan. Vacuum excessively carpeted parts more than a couple of times and employ add-ons as needed to include furnishings and hangings. Carpet beetles’ eggs might be concealed in such areas too.

Wash up all the clothes

Carpet beetles are notorious for getting into clothing and fabric.  To make sure that none of the beetles are in your clothing, it may be ideal to wash your clothes in hot water, with soap.    Another option will be to steam clean by a professional.

Fly traps

A unique trick that tends to work great is by placing cat or dog hair on a fly trap.  Since these beetles tend to feed on hair, they will be attracted to the fly trap.  Once they are on the trap, they will be stuck.

House cleaning is very important

It’s important to ensure that you keep your house clean.  This means make sure that you’re dusting, vacuuming, as well as sweeping and mopping the floor.  If you have animals, this is a great way to get rid of the hair that may be laying around.  Another item that they love to feed off is lint.  By vacuuming, you’ll ensure that all is gone once the job is done.

Check your windows and doors

Every year, check the windows and doors to ensure that they are sealed properly.  The slightest crack can allow many types of bugs into the home.  If you’re finding bugs around a particular window, it may be time to get it replaced, or even resealed.

Professional carpet cleaner

A professional carpet cleaner will be able to come in, move all the furniture and clean the specified areas where the carpet beetles are.   Most will recommend that they clean the whole house.  Most carpet cleaning companies will also have treatments that are designed to get rid of pests such as these beetles.

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