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How To Get Rid Of Celiac Rashes

Are you suffering from Celiac disease? Do you have this adverse reaction to gluten and other similar foods? If you are gluten intolerant, you probably will get Celiac rash whenever you taste foods with wheat, barley and other similar ingredients. This disease is no ordinary problem because it can lead to ultimate destruction of the small intestine. So if your Celiac disease kicks in and those rashes start to appear, it is best to treat it right away.

The treatment for Celiac rashes depends on how serious the reaction is. If it is just a mild rash formation, then you can just treat yourself inside the comforts of your home. But if the reaction is really serious, then medical intervention is required. If you are allergic to gluten and you accidentally ate foods containing this ingredient, you are more likely to develop itchy and painful Celiac rashes. IN order to get rid of Celiac rashes, here are some tips for you.

Clean your rashes

The first thing that you should do in treating rashes is to keep the area clean. This is to ward off any more bacteria that may infect you even more. Whenever you take a bath or clean yourself, wash the rashes with clean water and use mild, unscented soap.  Anti-bacterial soap works great too. Simply wash the area then rub some soap on it. Rinse with water and pat dry.

Use cold compress

Celiac rashes will give you that burning and itchy sensation that is just plain irritating. Of course, you cannot just scratch the rashes even though it feels good because you will just end up with worse rash condition and more skin infections. When the itchiness strikes, you can try to soothe it with cold compress. The cold temperature will help counter the inflamed feeling, leaving you temporarily free of itch. Note that cold compress can only give you temporary relief and you still need to do some actions to heal those rashes.

Apply ointment

There are some ointments that you can use to treat those Celiac rashes. You can get these at almost every local drugstore. The ointment will prevent more rashes break out and hinder blisters from forming as well. Just head on to the pharmacy, ask the person in charge and order an ointment for Celiac rashes. These ointments are usually affordable so no need to worry about paying for expensive medicines.

When applying the ointment, just follow the instructions on the label. You can also try putting bandage over the rashes after you have applied the ointment to protect it from germs. However, be sure not to stick the bandage too tightly on your skin so that the rashes will still have room to breathe.

Take medications

If the Celiac rashes have started to break out and blisters have already started to form, then you might need to take medications to avoid skin burns and further infections. Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory drug that you can buy and intake in order to lighten up the Celiac rashes symptom. Ibuprofen drugs are readily available over-the-counter so you can just head to your local pharmacy and buy some.

Consult a doctor

Celiac rashes are not like any ordinary rash because it is involved with a serious problem that is Celiac disease. If the rashes seem to become worse over time, you should try consulting a doctor.

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