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How To Get Rid of Click Beetles

Have you seen click beetles around your home? Are you just afraid of these critters and you wanted to get rid of click beetles? There are almost a thousand different types of click beetles all across America. They are very widespread in number and thus, they can be found commonly in households. Click beetles are given their name because of the clicking sound that they make, which is very annoying. Aside from the clicking noise they make, click beetles also pose harm to plants. So if you have a bountiful garden with crops, you better get rid of click beetles around before they can bring great damage to your lot.

The removal of click beetles is quite challenging. You need patience in order to make the removal methods work. You may also find yourself spending money for products that will help kill these click beetles. Nevertheless, there are simple ways that you can do to get rid of click beetles. Here are some tips and tricks that you may find useful.

Clean up your home

The first thing you must to do get rid of click beetles is to find where the click beetles nesting area is. Of course, to find out their lair, you might need to inspect your lot and clean up your house. Click beetles particularly like to feast on decaying woods so you should look around your house’s foundation, especially those corners that are not often cleaned up. Click beetles can also be found outside your home, near the plants. The young click beetles, wire worms, are usually sheltered under the soil. To find out where they really are, do a general cleaning.

Trap with borax

Click beetles cannot stand boric acid. Once you have found their lair, simply pour borax all over the area and it will suffocate the click beetles. However, trapping them with borax might not kill all the click beetles so you might need to repeat the treatment again.

Spray insecticide

If borax did not work, insecticide might kill those click beetles. When you have found their location, simply spray a generous amount of insecticide directly to the click beetles. The chemical will kill them. Repeat if necessary.

Turn off the lights

Click beetles are usually most annoying during night time. They also love lamplight. If you have lighting outside your porch, you can expect click beetles flying around the area. So to avoid attracting the click beetles, you should turn off the lights. If you cannot do so, leave only minimal light open as much as possible. You might also want to change to dimmer, yellowish lights than bright, white bulbs.

Attract birds

Some type of birds eats click beetles. If you attract these birds and they land in your lot, there is a big chance that these birds will pinpoint these click beetles and their younglings. The birds will then feast on these insects that are causing the disturbance in your home. To attract those birds, you can just sprinkle around some bird feeds. However, do not be too generous with birds as they might get the idea of making your lot their new home. Birds can be pests too.

Call an exterminator

If you cannot control the click beetles in your lot, then you can call an exterminator. You must pay for the service fee but he will be the one to do the removal of those click beetles.  Consider using services such as Service Magic to help find the best quotes in your local area.

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