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How to Get Rid of Comfrey

You can grow a lot of plants in the garden, with great care you would be able to have a colorful yard filled with different plants and flowers. You can even have a small tree that would be a great addition to the view. Plants and flowers need nutrients to grow and sometimes they are deprived of these as there are other unwanted plants that can grow.

Comfreys are a form of weed that usually grows in the garden. Weeds are definitely not welcome in the garden. Not only they are an unlikely sight, they also steal nutrients that rightfully belong to the plants that you grow. Besides, you did not nourish comfreys since you didn’t want them in the first place, making your garden look like a mess. Although you may want to save comfreys as no matter what they turn your garden into, they are considered to have great healing effects.

You should not worry about comfreys as there are ways to remove them from your garden. You just need to be sure that you do it right as weeds grow again if their roots are not killed. There are chemicals that you can use to kill them but they can affect other plants. The following are good suggestions on how to remove them:

After the rain

Soils are more cooperative when they are moist and you should pick the day after it rained to remove them. As mentioned earlier, any attempt to remove comfrey without removing the roots is pointless. When you pull out a comfrey, pull them out slowly so that the plant won’t break and the roots will be pulled along. Once you pull the comfrey and it has its roots, this is a good sign since you don’t have to dig the root out.

Use shovels

Small shovels can do the trick if there are roots that stayed in the soil. Make sure that you mark the area where the comfrey used to be planted so that you won’t damage the plants around it. You need to dig around the area where the comfrey was and from around it go to the center. Once you have the soil dug out, check if it has the roots of the comfrey.

Cover area with plastic

Heat can kill plants and weeds are not prone to it either. If you have a big patch of comfreys in your garden, cover it with black plastic bag. Black plastic bag allows for more heat to concentrate inside which can kill the weed as well as the seeds that may grow into comfrey. Black plastic is used since this can prevent the sunlight from getting through which can provide additional nutrients to the weed.

Mow it

Mowing can remove the surface problem but remember that the roots would still stay under the soil. This is a temporary solution that you can do if you don’t have the time to completely kill the comfrey. But make sure that when you get the time; remove the roots of the comfrey as well as just removing the top would make your job pointless.    

Use herbicides

If there are no other plants that can get affected, you can use herbicides which you can purchase from different home improvement stores. They are more concentrated in liquid form and would prevent accidental spread that can kill other plants around the comfrey.

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