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How to Get Rid of Headaches

Headache is a pain that occurs in the upper neck region of the body and head. It can affect a certain portion of the head such as the temples or eyes or the entire head. The pain felt can be dull or sharp, and it can also be felt together with different symptoms like nausea or light sensitivity.

There are three major types of headaches: tension headache, migraine headache and cluster headache. Tension headache refers to condition in which the person suffering can feel tightness around the head. Migraine headache refers to condition in which the pain is most likely intense. It often involves a portion of the head but there are times that it affects the entirety. Cluster headache refers to the condition when the pain in the head is sharp and stabbing. Pain is usually felt behind one of the eyes.

Type of headaches to know about:

I’m pretty sure that all of us don’t want to experience these headaches. The following are the effective guides to get rid of daily headaches:

Person should rest for at least 8 hours

Daily headaches are normally related to chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. In order to solve this condition, getting enough rest and sleeping for at least 8 hours at night can decrease the risk of a recurring headache.

Headaches are a universal dilemma with a massive number of sources and cures. Soreness caused by headaches can extend from slight and bothersome to brutal and incapacitating. Cure relies on the definite form of headache and its origin, and medicines are the primary option for treatment for nearly all experiencing headache. Those who opt for an organic and nonchemical treatment will be relieved to find out that there are numerous natural ways to get rid of a headache.

A nap is in fact a cure. You may suffer from headache due to lack of rest and sleep. This is particularly factual if your sleep deficiency leads to eye strain at day time, eventually leading to a headache. If you find time to take a nap when a headache occurs, you may wake up noticing you no longer have it.

Exercise for a few minutes

There are many various exercises that can not only help release the stress, but make your body feel a lot more relaxed.  Try stretching, or even taking a walk around the block.  Yoga is another great exercise that can help reduce tension within the body.

Affected person should decrease caffeine intake

If you are currently experiencing daily headaches then it is advisable to decrease or limit your caffeine intake. It is said to cause and trigger a headache. It is believed that the headache being experience by the person may be related to the slight addiction of caffeine beverages.  Other beverages that you’re going to want to limit are alcoholic beverages such as beer, red wine and even coffee.

The affected person should stay away from irritants

There are instances where daily headache is related to allergic reaction from shower gels, perfumes, lotions and other scents. The person should administer allergic medication and get rid of the irritants in order to stop the headaches felt.

Throw an ice pack on your head

Sit back on the couch or bed, and throw an ice pack on top of your head.  You’ll want to leave this ice pack on your head for a few minutes to numb the area.  Besides the head, also try throwing the ice pack on the back of your neck to help numb out the pain.

You should reduce stress

Stress experienced by the person is normally caused by different medical findings. To stop the discomfort that is  felt, the person should take a deep breath, relax the eyes, perform some exercise and get a massage.  There also many various stress free related items that you can purchase out there that can help you.

Try aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a great way to fill a room with particular scents such as Peppermint.  These smells not only will release stress, these candles can help manage your headaches.  If candles aren’t your thing, try aromatherapy soaps and take a long, hot shower.  A hot shower with these soaps will increase your blood flow.

Get a professional massage

Head on down to the local spa or even find a place in your local mall.  Tell them that you’re not feeling too hot and you’d like to have a rub down.  Most will be able to pinpoint the exact points that will help ease the tension around your head.  Great places to massage are the ears, neck and around the temple.

Drink a large glass of water

Sure, it sounds like a simple thing to do but many headaches come from being too dehydrated.  Drinking a tall glass of water will not only help keep you hydrated, it may take the headache away completely.

Take over the counter medicines

Many have great luck taking over the counter medicines such as an Aspirin or even a Motrin.  While you’re not going to want to take these like candies, if you’re finding that you’re not having the best of luck using them, you may want to talk with a Doctor to see what they can do for you if they continue to bother you on a daily basis.

Consider trying natural remedies

There are some herbal remedies that can help with headaches.  Items such as Feverfew, Willow Bark and Tea are all items that you can try to see if it helps the headache.  Feverfew can be found as a smaller pill at your local pharmacy.  Willow bark is another supplement that can be found at a pharmacy.

Consider certain foods

There’s an old wives tale that states that food items such as cayenne pepper and almonds can help with a headache.  The reason these foods can help is because foods such as Almonds have a chemical that is shown to reduce symptoms.

  1. Hanah Said,

    One common reason for a headache is dehydration. Often times, drinking a decent amount of water will help with ridding of headaches. Second, a warm shower or massaging will allow muscles to relax, and relieve some tension which may be contributing to the pain. While challenging, exercise may also help increase blood flow, helping to bring oxygen to the brain. Last, simple relaxation will help relieve the body from feeling overly stressed.

  2. Gerry b Said,

    I am 57 now. At age 15, I had my first taste (!) of a lingering headache. I felt intense throbbing pain just above my right eyebrow that would start after sunrise and continue till around afternoon. A feeling of nausea invariably accompanied it. It used to render me quite unfit to do anything during the time it lasted. The physician diagnosed it as sinusitis and prescribed heavy pain killers; these did give relief but it used to recur. Another physician advised me to control it with nasal drops (Endrine- oil base). Still most of the times, I had to swallow pain-relieving pills. I was however cured by a homeopath; three-week medication he gave me brought relief in about 5/6 days. Thereafter, it has recurred 5/6 times but has got controlled with homeopathy. I have suggested the line of treatment to a couple of my friends and each one has got lasting relief; one of them had found only temporary relief after even having fluid extracted from from part of forehead through punctures!

  3. Supreet Said,

    Whenever you get an headache, don’t wait for them to intesify and treat them immediately. Get away from things that can inrease the aches like stop watching T.V. or stop working on computers or listening to loud music. Go and rest in a dark quiet room. You may have someone massage your head gently, it works for me. I prefer placing a cool cloth on my head and resting with my head on soft pillows. If none of these works and the pain grows, then I take some medicine, but do consult your doctor before you do that. Finally, if these headaches are frequent with other symptoms like nausea, vomiting or uneasy feeling, then it might as well be migrane. So get yourself checked.

  4. JJ Said,

    That was the time, when I can easily mention that my headache is my any time companion. I tried to find out but fail to point out out the exact reason for the headache. Some of my friends suggested few good doctors, who recommended so many number of medicines and balms. Slowly, I became a encyclopedia for headache medicines. But none of them gave me relieve. Finally, one of my friend suggests a eye test! I was not very sure with the relationship with eye and headache but in that period, I used to listen each and every ones advice. So, I took an eye test, it comes a bit surprise to me that, my vision is not perfect. I have to use the lenses. There after I realized that, my headache started reducing with time. I got the answer to my question. I took care of my eyes, started eating green vegetables and avoid any sort of dust contact. Now, headache is a distance memory for me!

  5. Ava J Said,

    Headaches comes under many reasons like hiper tension abnormal,breathing,motion habits ok now we go for individual topic wise analyis about the headache first is hiper tension is also a disease but in begining stage is unwanted tension for very small problems if we go under yoga and dhayana and so relaxing activity will make as relax and help us to avoid the headache due to this reason the another one abnormal breathing if we are in place of low oxigen circumstances will make us low breathing and if we run fast are walk fast abnormally means that also make as low breathing so we avoid such abnormal activity to escape from this type headache so this all are the reasons of head ache

  6. HH Said,

    Please dont get too much think about nothing, rest in somewhere that brings relax environment. Please use some medicines like vicks or vaporub to rub your forhead. If you like to hear some music just hear it. Please sit a chair and rest your head using a pillow brings the blood circulation easier. Always try to calm and cool in this hot situation.Tension is the main cause for Headaches.

  7. Mary A Said,

    I used to have a lot of headaches but then i started using Yoga. i started aerobic exercise,deep breathing and meditation for 10 minutes a day to calm my busy mind. Passive yoga poses is the best way for relaxing and hence getting rid of headaches.

What worked for you?

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