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How to Get Rid of Dairy Allergies

Lactose intolerance is different from dairy allergies. They don’t have any relation at all. Lactose tolerance is the failure of the body to process dairy products because it lacks the enzymes. Allergy to dairy products on the other hand, is the condition when the immune system does not react very well with the dairy products. The manifestations of dairy allergy are eczema, hives, itching, nausea and tingling skin.

Since young, we surely have often associated milk to be a nutritious and natural food. It is very surprising that there are number of people who developed dairy allergies due to milk; in fact, most of them are children. It is very alarming since infants depend on milk products for survival. Fortunately, there are a number ways to get rid of it. The following are some of those.

Avoid all dairy products

A person who developed allergic reactions to dairy products should avoid by all means dairy products. The things to be avoided are ice cream, sour cream, butter, yogurt, butter and cheese. As much as possible, eat only fresh foods. Avoid processed foods. It is advised that a person having an allergy with dairy milk should avoid products that are categorized as natural products because their flavors are normally milk based. The best alternative of using milk is by using soy milk and instead of using butter; you can also use vegetable oil as an alternative.

Being sensitive to dairy means your immune system doesn’t respond suitably to dairy goods. A dairy allergy can result to prickling, rashes, eczema, stinging sensation on the skin and queasiness. It can also make you feel rather feeble and lightheaded.  Milk and the other dairy foods are usual grounds for food allergy and might even trigger asthma.

In order to no longer experience an allergic reaction you must steer clear from milk and all other dairy products. This includes cheese, butter, yogurt and even ice cream. Go through the labels of the preserved foods that you procure. Verify the ingredients for anything dairy. Prefer fresh foods over processed ones. Be conscious of what you eat when dining out so don’t hesitate to ask the servers. Going vegan can be a wise move. If you extremely want to stop the allergies, the answer is to avoid all hints of dairy, period.

Know your meal

When you are planning to dine somewhere else, then it is very important to ask the waiter regarding the preparation of the food and the ingredients. When you know the kind of food you are eating then it can truly help you out. If you are currently under medication, it is suggested that you monitor the kind of medications you are taking since most of the manufacturers use lactose as a base. The kind of foods recommended to persons having dairy allergy is a vegan food because it doesn’t contain any animal products. If in case the allergy worsens, then it is best recommended to consult a doctor for appropriate management.

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