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How to Get Rid of Dampwood Termites

Dampwood termites normally infest decaying timber and damp. Dampwood termites are normally found in Pacific Coast States like Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Northern Nevada, Washington and Northern California. They are generally larger than subterranean termites. Normally, they swarm to set up colony normally from January to October.

Dampwood termites infest structures where there is timber. They infest buildings especially when it comes in contact with soil and moisture. Gutters filled with leaves that can produce excessive moisture that accumulates in the wall cavities are very much prone to infestation. The following are the effective tips on how to get rid of Dampwood termites:

Proper identification of the causative agent

It is important that we have some evidence that Dampwood termites are the reason behind the damage. The damage caused by the Dampwood termites is not easy to find. First, get yourself a screwdriver and a flashlight and go straight ahead to the suspected area. If you tap on a certain wood and you find it hollow then we might have a problem. You can also tap the pillars, beams and wall boards and if you can find a hole that goes in easily then it is distinctive feature of a termite problem. Proper identification of the causative agent is very important in order for us to apply the proper management towards this case.

Destroy their natural habitat of the termites

One of the most effective ways to get rid of Dampwood termites is to destroy their natural habitat by destroying the tubes where their colonies are present. It is necessary to install moisture barrier and ventilate crawl spaces. It is suggested not to store any wood or lumber on the ground near your home.

Keeping the affected area clean and dry at all times

When we talk about keeping the area clean and dry it refers to both inside and out. In this stage, it is recommended to inspect all your faucets and make sure there are no leaks. Dampwood termites survive if there is moisture on it. You have to make sure that the attic and crawlspace are well ventilated.

Try out various termite products

There are many products on the market that you can potentially purchase.  While some products may not be able to get rid of the problem, you will find that if you review some product reviews, as well as see what other people are saying, you may be able to get a cheaper product that works for you rather than calling out a professional.

Moisture Reduction

Dampwood termites were identified with such label due to them simply being what as their name signifies; dampwood termites inhabit and naturally build their colonies up in timber that is damp or even decomposing. Dampwood termites have need of lumber with high moisture content. Timber that directly roots from earth’s ground or with a consistent supply of moisture is most likely to be attacked.

Decreasing the amount of dampness in infected areas is your best bet when trying to keep dampwood termites under control. In addition, you can patch up leaky structures and plumbing components, boost up your home’s ventilation, make certain that every drain is functioning as it should be and bring about construction alterations to reduce contact with wood and soil.

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