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How to Get Rid of Dandruff on Dogs

Dandruff is the accumulation of dried dead skin cells and skin scaling which is a common condition among dogs. In a dog’s life, they can experience having dandruff like humans do. Dandruff in dogs is more visible in short coated breeds among any others. Fortunately, there are many ways on how to get rid of dandruff on dogs:

Giving regular bath to wash off the flakes

The typical manifestation of dandruff among dogs is a flaky skin. To get rid of the excessive accumulation of flakes, give your dog a regular bath. It is recommended to use warm water and mild baby shampoo when giving a bath. During bathing, the shampoo should be massaged gently and thoroughly into the skin. Make sure to keep them dry after the bathing session.

Purchase a medicated shampoo in pet stores available in the market

When a regular shampoo doesn’t work, try to purchase a shampoo that contains salicylic acid or sulphur. Apply the shampoo and let them stay for 5 minutes so that the active ingredients will work. Never use shampoos that contain insecticide because it can worsen the case.

Try to use colloidal oatmeal soap

Colloidal oatmeal soaps are proven to be effective for dry skin. It is good for dogs because it moisturizes and relieves dry skin.  You’re going to find that there are many products that you can choose from online.  Be sure to compare a few as they are vary.

Spray the dog’s coat with an oil rinse

An oil rinse will help lubricate the skin and give moisture on it. This is very important especially if you live in a dry place.

Do not give your dog generic foods

Some of the generic foods in the market don’t provide enough nutrients that your dog should have. They should be receiving full amount of vitamins and minerals in order to have a healthy skin.  You will find that while the no name based foods may be cheaper, they are going to show.  Consult with a vet to see if there are some prescribed diets that you can take advantage of.

Use coconut oil to get rid of the problem

Coconut oil is said to be effective especially on dry skin and dogs having dandruff.  There are many types of coconut oil on the market, so be sure to see what it working for others.  You will find that there are many reviews online that you can take advantage of.

Your pet dog’s dandruff might not become evident on dark colored garments and humiliate it on a social gathering, but the flakes are without doubt a sign that there is a problem past the mere appearance. Dandruff on dogs occurs for many reasons like medical conditions. Even though causal medical conditions like thyroid disorders or food allergies call for treatment from your veterinarian, numerous organic cures help in removing the dandruff and fixing up your dog’s coat and skin.

Coconut oil is one successful remedy for dogs that have dry skin and dandruff and is effective for skin problems. Coconut oil is allowed to set in for a while longer compared to ACV. Coconut oil, as what otherwise perceived, is actually not in liquid form. You would need it mix it with warm water first.

Seek professional help

The best person to talk to if the problem gets worst is a doctor. They know the best management on this situation and are expected to be a great help regarding on solving dandruff problems on dogs.

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