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How to Get Rid of Daytime Sleepiness

In some point in our life, we feel sleepy but there are also some people experiencing excessive sleepiness that can’t be considered as a normal behavior. Person experiencing feel sleepy at their working area, taking care of their child and even during leisure times. Daytime sleepiness can be dangerous because it can be a cause of vehicular accidents or any work related injuries. There are many factors that lead to excessive daytime sleepiness like administering sedating medications, obstructive sleep apnea and antidepressants medications.  The following are the best guides on how to get rid of daytime sleepiness:

Administering Modafinil as the first drug of choice

This drug is the first drug of choice but it has some adverse effects that come along with it. It is much better compared with an amphetamine that has a potential for drug abuse. Make sure to keep distractions away. According to the expert, the bed should be intended for sleeping or for sex. A person’s bed shouldn’t be used with watching television, using the laptop or playing video games. The might leave you sleepless if the person is doing the following on bed.

Diet that gives energy and improves sleep patterns

Diet is very important when it comes with treating day time sleepiness. Healthy diet gives enough energy to sustain during the entire day. When we talk about healthy foods they are the following: fruits, vegetables and lean meat. Person having this particular disorder should avoid foods like coffee, tea or any beverages that contains caffeine. Drinking a lot of water also helps to maintain healthy cells.

Avoid taking a nap during late afternoon

It is best recommended not to take a nap during late afternoon because it can interfere with your regular sleeping pattern.   Get into a regular schedule if you want to make sure that you’re getting at least 8 hours of sleep at night.  If you’re finding that you’re having a hard time doing so, you may want to adjust your daily schedule.

Sleep without worries

Many people just can’t get sleep at night because they are either worrying or they are simply stressed out.  If this is the case, you may either want to meet with a professional or you may want to work out a sleep schedule that best fits your lifestyle.  Highly consider working out before you go to bed so that your body will need the sleep.

Build up your adrenaline

Building up your adrenaline will keep your body flowing throughout the day.  Consider waking up and lifting weights, running the treadmill as well as doing something such as aerobics.  Not only is this going to wake you up for the day, it’s going to make you feel a lot better and let you sleep at night so that you can wake up with a full night’s rest.

Consult a sleep specialist if problem persists

The best person to consult regarding this situation is the sleep specialist. They can design a program that will treat sleeping disorder and enhance person’s sleeping patterns. The specialist can further explain the causes and the conditions related to excessive daytime sleepiness.

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