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How To Get Rid Of Dermestid Beetles

The cycle of life and death are always a wonder and is often the center of good and legendary arguments. Everything around you is necessary for the cycle and one cannot exist without the other. Of course, people have invented and innovated ways to deal with this in a more sanitary, and less disgusting ways. For example, when people die, there are coffins in which they are put in. They cover it with dirt and it turns into a grave. This is far better than just burying a corpse without anything else. But it must have you wondering. What happens to animals that just rot and doesn’t get a proper burial?

That’s where dermestid beetles and other meat-eating insect come in. They will eat a corpse, chewing on the flesh until nothing is left but the bones. This is handy and is Mother Nature’s way of burying dead animals, mostly roadkills. Even national museums use dermestid beetles to prepare bones for display pieces. They are welcome anywhere where many other things die or you need to preserve something. Where they are not welcomed, is your home. If you ever see one, do not panic. It simply means you need to find a way to get rid of them. Here are tips on how to get rid of dermestid beetles.

Identify the beetles

First you have to determine if it really is a dermestid beetle. For those who are wondering what they look like, dermestid beetles are mottled or dark, oval shape, less than 1/2-inch long, and usually hairy looking. They are covered in scales known as setae. With this, confirm your visitor by catching and examining it.

Remove dead animals around

These critter will munch at anything. If you see hordes of these in your house, start wondering. There is something that’s luring them in, more commonly a dead bird or mouse around your house. Remove these dead animals around to make your home less interesting to dermestid beetles.

Determine the area of activity

You need to identify where the beetles are having their picnic. This can be characterized by skins shed by the growing larvae, several holes in natural fiber fabrics, and buildup of fecal matter. Basements, closets, as well as under your carpet are the usual spots. Don’t forget to check for the larvae.

Use your vacuum

Take off the nozzle and start sucking off the beetles and their larvae off your carpets. Then go to the area of infestations and start sucking on that as well. After you’ve accumulated all the beetles and their “home,” take the vacuum bag off and put the stuff in a trash bag. Then immediately remove from your house.

Clean up their mess

Once you’ve dispatched of the dermestid beetles, it’s time to clean whatever they left behind. The eggs they leave, especially in your carpet are tough to remove. But you can do so using strong soap and laundry booster. Wash any affected carpet or rags with this stuff at least twice.

Steam clean

Acquire a steam cleaner and start cleaning every inch of your rugs, carpets, and every single furniture inside your house. Then sprinkle boric acid to the places where you found the beetles. Use pesticides and moth balls to further enhance protection. Remember to get every area that as infected.

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