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How To Get Rid Of Detergent Smell

The smell of detergent means the smell of clean clothes. While some people like their clothes to smell like the detergent, some do not really appreciate that fresh -from-the-washer kind of odor. So are you one of those people who do not like the detergent smell on fabrics? Well, this article will help you out so keep on reading about how to get rid of detergent smell.

If you are one of those people who crinkle your nose whenever you smell your freshly-cleaned clothes, do not worry because you can get rid of the detergent smell without avoiding the use of detergent on clothes. There are many reasons behind detergent smell, so before you can actually find a remedy to remove the unwanted odor on your clothes, you first need to find out where the smell is coming from. Maybe, your washing machine is full of detergent residue or your detergent itself is too powerful. But whatever the case may be, here are some things you can do to get rid of detergent smell.

Clean up your washer

As mentioned, detergent residues might have already accumulated on your washer. If this happens, the detergent smell will be more powerful. Plus, you are at risk of getting detergent stains if there are suds of detergent that are not cleaned up. So to avoid this odor, you can try to clean up your washer so that the next time your wash your clothes, the detergent smell will not be too strong. You can use vinegar and water to remove smell from your washer.

Rewash your clothes without detergent

Your clothes may smell like detergent because you probably were not able to wash your clothes very well and there is detergent soap that may still be left on your clothes. What you can do to fix this is simply rewash your clothes with clean water. Simply rinse your clothes once again without using anymore detergent. Then, hang your clothes to dry under the sun. Wait until it dries and check if the detergent smell still lingers on.

Use vinegar on clothes

If the detergent smell is just too powerful and you are dealing with lots of affected fabrics, you can try soaking them all in a bucket filled with vinegar and water solution. The vinegar will absorb the remaining detergent smell and kill any bacteria that have stuck on your clothes fabric. Just leave your clothes to be soaked on the vinegar and water solution for about half an hour. Then, rinse your clothes thoroughly with clean water. Hang them all to dry under the natural heat.

Change your detergent

Some detergents are just really strong and powerful. If you have been constantly dealing with detergent smell every after you wash your clothes, then your detergent soap might have sharp smell. You can try changing your detergent soap and switch to a detergent with a milder scent to avoid detergent smell.

Use fabric softener

If you like the smell of perfume, then you can try using fabric softener. These supplementary clothes cleaner can cover up the smell of detergent that you just hate. So you can try using fabric softener to alter your clothes’ smell.

Bring your clothes to the laundry shop

If you want an easy way to get rid of detergent smells, simply bring your clothes to the laundry shop and have them clean your clothes for a few bucks.

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