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How to Get Rid of Ear Congestion

If you happen to experience something in your ears that makes you uncomfortable then you have to check this one out. A person who will not take care of their ears will probably be losing something very important aspect in life—hearing. Usually ear condition gives a stuffy sensation but does not cause pain. Usually these conditions are accompanied by muffled hearing and popping noises.

Ear congestion is usually caused by the blockage of Eustachian tubes. Normally ear congestion is accompanied by sinus infections, colds and allergies. The following are the quick relief guides on how to get rid of ear congestion:

Frequent yawning and swallowing can relieve congestion

Swallowing and yawning helps regulate the functions of the affected Eustacian tubes. Though it may also provide you an energy boost, yawning can indicate health problems like diabetes.  While you’re not able to yawn on command, what you’re going to want to do is act as if you’re yawning to help relax those muscles.  Chewing and swallowing can also help out significantly, which brings us to our next point.

With the use of chewing gum to clear up congestion

Young children love chewing gum and we take advantage. Chewing gum can help clear up ear congestion through constant chewing. Another childish way of relieving ear congestion is to swallow fluids while pinching the nose closed. It works sometimes.  Consider talking a larger gulp of liquid such as water or even soda.  While plugging your nose, try not to swallow too hard as you can do more harm than good.

Application of warm compress and using steam inhalation

Other effective means to relieve ear congestion are the application of warm compress and steam inhalation. A hot bath is known to have positive effects in relieving congestion. It widens the veins for better blood flow, making you lose stress and be rejuvenated. On the ears, with warm compress, the pain will be eased Eustachian tubes are relaxed.  With the warm compress, be sure to apply and wrap it around the ears, allowing the ears to absorb the heat.  This is going to help them relax over time.

Administer antihistamine medications

There are instances where ear congestion is triggered by allergies. Antihistamine is a drug that can be bought readily in the market. Its main purpose is to combat the allergic reactions.  If it isn’t allergies, it could also be due to a cold.  If this is the case, consider purchasing an over the counter nasal spray to help reduce the congestion build up in your ears.

Application of warm oil for a few seconds

If the reason behind the problem is a build-up of wax then using warm oil will help. Warm oil will melt the wax inside the ear, considering with proper use. Put a small amount of oil inside your ear. After a few seconds, tilt the head and let the oil drain out.  Other oils to consider include garlic oil juice and even sweet oil.  When pouring oil in your ears, be sure to have someone assist you to ensure that it’s being done properly.

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