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How to Get Rid of Ear Infection

An ear infection is commonly related to the infection in the middle ear. There are times that the middle ear is filled with mucus especially during cold season. Eventually, this mucus will cause infection due to viruses and bacteria. The signs and symptoms of ear infections include severe pain, feeling of discomfort inside the ear, pus excretion and temporary decreased hearing. Aside from the foul smell, having this problem causes shame and is very disturbing. The following are the best ways on how to get rid of ear infections:

Learn about misconceptions

Whenever there’s some nasty feeling in the ear, then you should clean your ear as soon as possible to avoid complications. Aside from your self-assessing hygiene in the ear, you should be aware that ears are sensitive.  While cleaning, you might feel an itchy feeling which you treat as a need of more cleaning. Here comes the error where  itchy ears due to cleaning means your ears are already irritated.

Learn how to clean the ears

Ears are naturally cleaning itself. Dirt comes out in the ear, in which if not helped to be removed for a long time, may cause infection. Using cotton buds is a good way to remove the dirt. But not knowing how to do the cleaning is a crucial matter. In cleaning your ears, make an outward direction of sweeping stroke. Do not push the buds into the ear; that will make the mucus enter the ear instead. A safer way to avoid this is to use the spoon. From the name itself, it has a head of that a miniature spoon, specialized to scoop the mucus out.

Apply heat

In order to relieve pain, warm heating pads should be place on ears to encourage the glands to produce additional wax that helps to relieved pain. The heat being produced will dilate the veins and capillaries around the ears which in turn, improve the blood flow allowing the white blood cells to reach the infected area and fight the ongoing infection.

Try garlic oil

Purchase garlic oil at a local supplement store such as GNC or even online.  Place a capsule full in each ear and let it sit there for around 20 minutes.  After the 20 minutes are up,  clean them up.  Only attempt this once to see if it helps the problem.  Another alternative that may work as well is Tea Tree Oil.  Place a couple drops in each ear and allow them to sit there for a few minutes.

Try over the counter medications

Medication such as Motrin or Aspirin may help ease the pain with an ear infection.  While the infection may not go away, it’s a temporary solution to consider.  If an infection tends to last more than 24 hours, it may be best to c0nsult with a doctor to discuss what kind of prescriptions that they can prescribe for you.


Ear infections occur if fluid is entrapped at the back of the eardrum. This is typically the effect of a cold, upper respiratory infection, or an allergic reaction. An ear infection can result to soreness, strain, fever, decreased hearing ability, ear rigidity, and in-ear puss discharges. Coping with an ear infection is no joke, so to avoid unwarranted distress, know ways to get rid of it.

Antibiotics are the most widespread cure to ear infections. Lately however, medical specialists’ apprehension regarding over dosage of antibiotics became more intense due to the fact that these drugs can result to bacteria which makes consumer defiant and make voids their effect. Hence physicians are also hesitant to recommend antibiotics for minor ear infections; they’d prefer to observe if the condition will get better by itself.

Learn about limitations

Refrain from activities that can cause damage to the ears during and after the duration of the treatment. Activities like scuba diving and swimming should be lessened or even avoided.

  1. Eva Said,

    I had a ear infection after getting a several cold – this was actually after a trip to remote places in Africa, so I’m not sure if I got some “tropical disease” but considering the lack of other major symptoms, I don’t think so. I tried everything that comes in the books, including antibiotics, but couldn’t sleep or rest with the severe pain. How did I seek relief? As silly as it sounds with a warmed up sock full of rice places in the microwave for 15seconds! I placed it by my ear to sleep and the pain would soften up allowing me to feel normal again. It works!

What worked for you?

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