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How to Get Rid of Eastern Chipmunks

There are many species of Chipmunks in North America. Eastern Chipmunks lives in Eastern Deciduous Forest, Northern Michigan, Wisconsin and Western Ontario. They are characterized by the black bordered yellow white stripe along their body. They have a tail that is bushy and long. There is a black and white strip running through their eye. They eat a wide variety of food that includes nuts, seeds, insects, bird eggs and meat.

During daytime, chipmunks are abroad. They stay in burrows in the ground, piles of brush and in rock walls. They usually store their food in dens. They also hibernate during winter but come out during warm season. They have a bad habit of digging up flower bulbs and it is one of the reasons why some people don’t like them around. The following are the guides on how to get rid of Eastern Chipmunks:

Making a trap intended for chipmunks

Normally chipmunks will use the trails repeatedly. They mostly dwell at the edge of the forests but usually visit your yard if they spotted that seeds and vegetables are available. Since they go on hibernation during winter, the best time to make a trap is early spring before they can reproduce. When you make a trap, make use of a ball of peanut mixed with sunflower seed, they love it. Let them eat it for about a few days and by the time think you got their spot, capture them. When you captured a chipmunk, you can take it miles away and relocate them.

Putting moth balls in the garden

The moth balls should be placed around the garden because it is believed to drive away chipmunks. The chipmunks will definitely unhappy with the scent of the moth balls.  Another creative tip to use in your garden is a motion detector sprinkler.  Every time this sprinkler detects motion, it will set up spraying the area.

Consider their predators

A chipmunk isn’t too fond of predators such as wolves, cats and even foxes.  If you don’t have the money to adopt an outdoor cat, you may want to consider purchasing a decoy.  These decoys look rather realistic and can scare away a lot of pests if you set it up in your yard.   Place this decoy in an area where the chipmunks frequent.  If you really want to get advanced, consider spraying the fox or decoy with a scent so that they can smell it from a distance.

With the use of pepper spray to be sprayed around the garden

Chipmunks will not be happy with the taste and definitely leave the area.  If you’re going to purchase this pepper spray, be sure to wear a gas mask of some sort to ensure that you’re not getting the spray backfiring in your face.

Placing gallon bucket with sunflower seeds

The chipmunks will definitely get inside the bucket because one of their favourite meals, which is a bunch of sunflower seeds, lies inside. This way the chipmunks will be unable to escape.  You can also find altered buckets online that are already made.  The kicker here is to make sure that you don’t allow them to have a way out.

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