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How to Get Rid of Eastern Moles

Eastern moles are these small mammals that spend almost all their time making burrows and hiding underground. They have this grayish-brown fur that is kind of thick that you won’t be able to see their eyes and ears. They are also known to have poor eyesight. They often live in woods, fields, lawns and gardens. They don’t have many predators because they are very fast moving animals. However, if they do have (like snakes), they release a foul smelling odor musk to try and change the predator’s mind.

They don’t do harm to human beings as they are insectivores. They eat termites, bugs, snails, millipedes, centipedes, slugs, crickets, earthworms, spiders and ants. They can be really a great insect controller to your garden. There is just one major problem: because they are fond of digging and making burrows, they can make your garden like a disaster. This is the only reason why homeowners want to get rid of them. So, here are some tips to help you:

Castor oil-based repellents

This kind of repellent is very effective and very safe to use as it doesn’t have any effects on humans, plants and other pets. Also, you can just purchase in any hardware or gardening shop and is available in spray and granule products. All you have to do is to wait the perfect time which is when it’s relatively dry time. Use the product as indicated.

Get rid of pests

Another thing to keep in mind is their source of food. Since they eat insects and pests, get rid of them first as they are easy to control. Use pesticides and insecticides to eliminate their favourite food. They usually eat grubs, worms and beetles so have the specific insecticide/pesticide for them.

Build barriers

Underground barriers can be made to keep moles from ground down in a specific area. This technique can be done in a small area such as the flower bed. All you have to do is to put a hardware cloth beneath the selected site and as well as its site. A 12-inch deep with a 12-inch wide wire is preferred by most of the homeowners. This method can be quite expensive that’s why this is not the option to protect the whole yard or garden.

Trap them

Some of the trapping devices include harpoons, scissor-jaw and choker traps. All you have to do is to purchase one in the hardware or garden store. It is always safe to ask for assistance from the experts there. Describe to them the situation of your lawn and they can help you easily. Another thing is to follow instructions carefully as they vary from one product to the other. Lastly, if you have trap enough moles, just continue to do that as they will leave an empty space that could be replaced by new moles.

Call in the professionals

Moles can be rather pesky when it comes time to getting rid of them.  If you’re finding that you’re having a hard time getting rid of them, you may want to call in a pest control company.  Consider using services such as to help you find the best quotes in your area.

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