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How to Get Rid of Face Swelling

Face swelling is a serious personal problem. You wake up, take a bath, eat, and get ready for the errand of the day. This is the normal way of feeling our existence in the world. But if we talk about a swelling face, that normal way of life starts and ends up within the four corners of the house, locked up. It’s hard to face the daily problems when on top of the list is your swelling face. However, be reminded that this kind of problem have a solution. Get to know the tips on how to get rid of face swelling.

Drink plenty of fluids

A person having his face swelling may develop some side effects due to certain cases like emotional agenda. Drinking enough fluids for a day will help your body overcome the complications your swollen face can contribute.

Refrain from salt intake

Eating salty foods more than the body requires will make your body store more water. The tendency is that the swelling will worsen, which leads to bloating.  Salty foods such as chips and more may be something that you want to avoid for the time being.

Keeping the affected area elevated

Most probably, you would want to rest and lay down your swollen face. Make sure you elevate your face to allow blood to flow in better. You can use several pillows to keep your head raised higher than the normal position so that the there would be pooling of blood in your face to decrease swelling. The general rule is that the head should be raised over the level of the heart.

Apply a cold compress

If the affected area is localized like a bee sting, you can apply the ice packs up to 20 minutes at a time. The soonest the cold compress is given after an injury, the better. To complement the cold compress, wrap it with a plastic bandage. Special care should be taken when applying compressing without cutting off blood circulation. But never wrap the elastic bandage around the neck. The best result can be accomplished by applying pressure to the injury.


There are more than a few people who suffer from face swelling caused by an allergic response to some foods or other allergens. This condition is illustrated in the manner of swelling in the eyes, cheeks and the lips that is why the facial features seem quite bigger than normal. Facial engorgement can be rather shameful, as it can make your face seem outlandish and weird.

Take anti-inflammatory drugs. If you’re suffering from soreness and fever along with the swelling, anti-inflammatory medication can make your condition better. You may also opt for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), which can help lessen the pain, irritation and distension that may have resulted from an injury or disease. Follow the prescribe dosage or the instructions on the box or bottle container. Aspirin medications may also help for a speedier recuperation.

Consult your doctor

You can consult the doctor if it’s your first time to have a face swelling. This would be best in order for you to have a proper knowledge and medication in case it reoccurs.  While the tips above may work, if the problem continues to arise, you will want to consult with a professional.

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