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How to Get Rid of Fall Webworms

Webworms can cover cleaves, cluster of leaves become number of feet in diameter. They often come with hairy caterpillars being hatched from one egg mass. They are known to infest oak trees where they create light gray webs that cause defoliation. As webworms continues to infest trees making the tree die eventually. Fall webworms attacks at least 88 species of trees, ornamentals, shrubs and annual plants. The distinctive characteristic of a webworm is that they eat within their tent while other caterpillars eat in the open. The rest are the steps on how to get rid of fall webworms:

It’s not that bad

While these webworms can look awfully ugly, you’re not going to want to freak out.  Most of the time, these webworms won’t do that much damage to your trees.  Even if they start to cause damage, you’ll find it’s going to happen in the fall time and it won’t matter anyway.

Destroying the tent where the webworm lives

Upon noticing the tent or nest, then it should be destroyed right away. It can also be done by pruning the end of the branch but never the trees where they live because it can also damage the trees. There are also insects that prey on webworms, with the use of the stick open the tent and let the insect get inside the tent. Allow those preys to take over their tent. Early detection can help to minimize the damage brought about by the webworms. It can also help if the eggs are also destroyed.

Spraying the infested area with insecticide that contains Bacillus thuringiensis

This type of insecticide will kill the webworms without putting the beneficial insects in danger. It is suggested to spray the insecticide after the eggs are laid but before they form a thick tent. When applying a spray, make sure that it is done with care to prevent unwanted results and only apply to the area where webworms are thriving. It is also important to follow the instructions that can be found in the label to ensure safety.  On top of the BT, also consider spraying something called Neem which helps get rid of insects.  This is a great organic way to get rid of the worms.

Attract some birds to go the trees where tents are found

Birds eat webworms so it is an effective way to get rid of fall webworms.  Some of the best ways to attract the birds to the area is simply by adding bird feed and more.  If they are used to the bird feed being there and none is in stock, you will find that they will eat the worms as an alternative.  On top of birds, consider planting sunflowers near the webworms.  These sunflowers will attract bees and wasps, who will then pick off the webworms one by one.

Placing a sticky card in the trees or where infestations are present

Find a sticky card that can be placed on top of the branches.  Eventually, the webworms will be trapped in the sticky card. The next thing to do is to throw them once they are caught and place them inside a plastic bag.

What worked for you?

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