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How to Get Rid of Faux Leather Smell

As compared to the traditional leather, faux leather has a faintly different smell due to the fact that it is made from plastic and rubber materials contrary to animal products. Owners of faux leather products are looking for ways to eliminate its smell without ruining its look and texture. However, removing chemical smell with consideration of the look and texture will consume much time.

There are several remedies regarding this issue, which may not completely get rid of the smell, but at least minimize it. Here are some tips:

Let the Leather Age

As time passes by, leather smell wears out. When leather item is used often, the smell passes out faster. Though, applying perfume or other odor-masking agents may cause smell to stay longer.

Pack them in Paper

Packing your leather item on an old newspaper is another way of removing the smell because old newspapers are more porous than leather, which makes them brilliant for absorbing odors. The fibers of the paper will act as wicks which lifts odors while preserving the untreated reverse portion of the leather.

Make sure that you pack leather with a dry newspaper and the leather itself is absolutely dry. Pack it overnight so as to remove most of the odours.

As opposed to faux leather has a slightly unusual odor because it is brought about from plastic and rubber materials instead of animal products. Those who own faux leather items are trying to find ways to eradicate its smell not having to ruin its appearance and quality.
Packing your leather stuff using old newspapers is one means to chuck out the smell for newspapers are more absorbent compared to leather, hence they work magically when sucking up smells. The fibers of the paper serve as wicks which takes the stench as it retains the unprocessed opposite side of the leather. Be certain to pack leather with dry newspaper and the leather itself should also definitely be dry. Pack it overnight in order to take away majority of the whiff.

Dry Wet Leather Hastily

When leather items are wet, it smells like wet animals. If you happen to use your leather item in the rain, the smell of wet leather will combine with sweat and pollution. To avoid this from happening, dry out your leather item as fast as possible.

Leather Conditioning

Smelly leather items needs to be conditioned for the reason that leather conditioning removes rotten odors. It is a good way of preserving the color and gloss of the leather while removing the foul smell. It is the most efficient way of cleaning leather.

Vinegar Treatment

Vinegar is the most common natural odor neutralizer. Mix vinegar with warm water in a spray bottle. Shake well. Spray on one area at a time. Use soft cloth in wiping in circular motion to work the mixture into the material. Finally, let air dry it completely and then repeat the process as needed.

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