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How to Get Rid of Favorites Bar Folder

If you are currently using Internet Explorer 8, you have probably noticed the Favorites Bar at the top portion of the page. This is one of the major changes that IE8 introduced. As a substitute for the standard Favorite button on the browser’s header, you are now able to easily access your Favorites as it is seen across the page just beneath the address bar.

This new setup maybe convenient for some IE8 users however, for others, it’s just a complete waste of space. Since it covers a whole toolbar size whether it is filled with different links or not, it can shorten the area of viewing in a web page. For those who are not fond of having favourite links filed across the toolbar header, here are a few tips on how to get rid of that toolbar.

Hide the Favorite Toolbar

There is a way where you can actually hide the Favorite Toolbar and have more viewing space just like in IE7. First thing you have to do is to open Internet Explorer 8. Once it is open, locate the toolbar header. Next thing that you have to do is to right-click on the toolbar header—that is the white space just below the address bar. You will see a couple of things in a list form. Locate “Favorite Bar” and then left-click it in order to remove the check mark next to it. After that, you will see that the Favorites Bar is no longer there. You will have a smaller header toolbar and more space in the viewing area.

Internet Explorer 7

If you still prefer to have you good old pal, Explorer 7— that can also be one solution to the Favorite Toolbar problem. All you have to do is to uninstall Internet Explorer 8 and install your Internet Explorer 7 again. However, you must be reminded that in doing this, there will be some programs that will be unable to go through because of the lower version of Internet Explorer. But then again, if you are just a simple internet user, this setup is the better. You get to work with a browser that you are familiar with—less hassle, more fun.


There is a method in which you can in fact hide the Favorite Toolbar from view to perhaps allow a wider room for viewing like that in Internet Explorer 7. The initial step you have to carry out is of course to launch your browser. As soon as it is up and running, drag the mouse-pointer over to the toolbar header. That is the white space just below the address bar. Right-click on the toolbar header and a few things in a list form will be shown. Find the “Favorite Bar” and then left-click on it to take out the check mark beside it. You will notice thereafter that the Favorites Bar is no longer appearing. You will have a smaller header toolbar and more space in the viewing space.

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