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How To Get Rid Of Filiform Warts

Is there any unusual wart that is appearing on your face? Are you becoming more and more embarrassed by its appearance? Warts on face are called as filiform warts. It is also caused by the infamous HPV or human papilloma virus. The filiform warts commonly grow on a person’s eyelid, area around the lips and on the neck. The worst thing about these filiform warts, aside from it growing in the face, is that it grows rapidly and can even spread within a short span of time. It is highly contagious and can be transferred easily. Filiform warts usually start to grow because of the entrance of HPV to a wound in your face. Itchiness and appearance of other lesions on face can also be brought by the growth of filiform warts. Although filiform warts grow and spread rapidly, they are usually benign and do not cause any harm to your health, but the bottom-line is, they are very unpleasant to look at and that is why you should get rid of it.

Filiform warts are one of the worst things that can grow on your face. Unlike zits and blackheads that just grow individually, these warts form big clusters that can take over a small area of your beautiful face. The good news is that you can actually get rid of filiform warts. Here are some tips that you may find useful in removing these unwanted warts on your face.

Do the potato treatment

If you want an all-natural removal treatment for filiform warts, you can do the potato treatment. You will just have to peel the potato and thinly slice it into pieces that are big enough to cover up the filiform wart. Wash your face and add some petroleum jelly around the wart. Then, place the piece of potato over the wart and secure it using a bandage. Let it stay attached to the filiform wart the whole night. Come morning time, wash your face and then repeat the process again. Potatoes have potassium that fights the HPV which causes the appearance of the filiform wart. Repeat this method every day until the wart falls of.

Ask for medical prescription

Unlike other forms of warts that can be treated by over-the-counter medicine, filiform warts are quite complicated to treat with medications. This is because they appear in sensitive areas of the face. Even though you might see some filiform wart remover in beauty shops, do not just buy one product and self-medicate as it can cause damage to your skin. For treatment filiform warts, it is best that you consult the doctor and ask for medical prescription.

Go for professional removal

There are many things that the doctor can do in order to remove the filiform warts. Nowadays, surgical procedures and other treatments to remove warts are made easy. You can just ask your doctor about the different methods that you can choose from. Some removal methods only make use of substances that are injected to the body while some are done by the doctor thru surgical incision and other types of surgeries. The downside of this is that you have to spend quite a lot of money. For more detailed information, you can talk to your doctor about your different choices on how to get rid of filiform warts.

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